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Få saker berör så starkt som barn som behandlas illa och orättvist. Detta är UltraV:s historia om hur hennes barn misshandlades och rånades av invandrarbarn, och om hur politiskt korrekta lärare inte tog tag i problemen p g a “rasismfrågan”.

“En fråga som jag burit med mig under de år mina barn växte upp, är frågan varför barn ska vara rustade att kunna förstå och hantera invandringen från Mellanöstern.

Jag talade med en barnpsykolog -95, då mina tvillinggrabbar gick i första klass, om varför skolorna såg ut som de gjorde med rånen, mordhoten och saboterandet av lektioner. Då jag som barn i början av sjuttiotalet bodde i Stockholm mötte jag många utländska studenter, gästforskare och deras barn – då pappa hade anknytning till universitetet – men dessa barn var lugna och vi kunde vara vänner. Mina barn mötte en helt annan miljö i sin skola och på fritiden. Barnpsykologen menade att det berodde på att det nu kom krigsskadade barn och att dessa barns föräldrar mötte rasism.”


Kommentar til artiklen af antropolog Britta Mogensen:

-” I 1899 rejste min oldemor fra Sverige til Danmark med min 5-årige mormor. Jeg har altid været lidt stolt over at have ét ben i Sverige. For 20 år siden overvejede jeg at flytte til Sverige. Jeg mente, at det ligesom også var mit land.
–    Det, der siden er sket med Sverige med den fuldstændigt ukontrollable indvandring, der har undertrykt svenskernes rettigheder, har gjort mig meget taknemlig over, at min oldemor forlod Sverige, så jeg i stedet blev dansker. Alle forlydender fra Sverige om svigt af gamle og syge mennesker, fordi der ikke er råd til at give dem en værdig tilværelse, om det paradis for islamister, som Sverige er blevet, fordi regeringen undertrykker enhver kritik og kalder den racistisk, om overfald, mishandling og mord udøvet af kriminelle indvandrere på svenskere, fordi de er svenskere, om et fuldstændigt sindssygt højt antal voldtægter, forøvet af indvandrere, om svenske børn, der mishandles af indvandrerbørn, uden at skole, politi eller de sociale myndigheder gør noget ved det, og måske værst af alt: At svenskerne ikke kan udtrykke deres frygt i aviserne, men må skrive på blogs for at få deres frustrationer og frygt for deres egen og deres børns fremtid ud.
–   Det er næsten umuligt at forestille sig, at et nordisk land, der tidligere var et foregangsland for overholdelse af menneskerettighederne, i dag lader kriminelle indvandrere terrorisere den svenske befolkning og kalder dem racister, når de beder om hjælp fra myndighederne. Svenskerne kender sikkert også til den svenske kvinde, der fik asyl i USA, fordi de svenske myndigheder ikke kunne (ville) beskytte hende mod en libanesisk muslim, hans brødre og venner.
–    Jeg ved godt, at de nordiske folk er utroligt langmodige, men der må være en grænse, og jeg undrer mig over, hvor svenskernes grænse er. De overfaldes af udlændinge i deres eget land, og disse udlændinge beskyttes af myndighederne, mens de selv kaldes racister og kan blive udsat for berufsverbot.
Hvornår har svenskerne fået nok?”

»Tired of American global dominance? Just consider the alternatives«

The fragmentation of Islamic civilization. With birthrates in Muslim societies more than double the European average, the Islamic countries of northern Africa and the Middle East are bound to put pressure on Europe and the United States in the years ahead. If, to give just one example, the population of Yemen will exceed that of Russia by 2050 (as the United Nations forecasts, assuming constant fertility), there must be either dramatic improvements in the Middle East’s economic performance or substantial emigration from the Arab world to aging Europe.

Niall Ferguson

Forsinkelsesdag  ?

Svenske  journalister  har nok haft for travlt med at højtideligholde “Förintelsen” den 27. 1 til at fortælle denne historie. Kun en lille DN notits er det blevet til. Emil Nolde,  født i tysk  besat Danmark ved  Tønder, senere  bosat i Berlin og Seebüll, med  maleforbud  i nazitiden. (Se “Ungemalte Bilder“). Han var med  på Hitlers  udstilling  “Entartete Kunst” i München  i 1937  – “Sjuk och degenererad konst” ,som svenske  nationaldemokrater  Gud hjælpe mig endnu kalder det i deres  partiprogram anno 2008. Den sidste analfabet er ikke  født endnu. Men efter  40 år kan arvingerne  vel vente lidt endnu.

  The heirs of a Jewish businessman forced to flee Germany before World War II appealed to the Swedish government to hasten the return of a looted painting by Emil Nolde that now hangs in Stockholm’s Moderna Museet art museum.

“We are still waiting for Sweden to return this looted art,” Rowland said in a telephone interview from New York. “What they are doing is not correct, and we are fed up.”

Nazi Victim’s Heirs Lose Patience With Sweden on Art

»If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough«

Thousands of negatives of photographs taken by Robert Capa during the Spanish Civil War, long thought to be lost forever, have resurfaced.


(Omaha Beach)

N.Y.T. :  Capa – the lost negatives 

»NATO´s humanitære bombning af ex-Jugoslavien«
“In Kosovo there is only hate”An interview with Peter Handke, translated from Italian

Bruce Bawer : »First They Came for the Gays«

En artikel der falder på et tørt sted. Er  Bawer den næste der får asyl i USA?

“Sharia law may still be an alien concept to some Westerners,” writes Bruce Bawer. “But it’s staring gay Europeans right in the face — and pointing toward a chilling future for all free people.”

– One day last month, I gave a talk in Rome about how the supposedly liberal ideology of multiculturalism has made possible the spread in Europe of the highly illiberal ideology of fundamentalist Islam, with all its brutality and – among other things – violent homophobia. When I returned to my hotel, I phoned my partner back home in Oslo only to learn that moments earlier he had been confronted at a bus stop by two Muslim youths, one of whom had asked if he was gay, started to pull out a knife, then kicked him as he got on the bus, which had pulled up at just the right moment. If the bus hadn’t come when it did, the encounter could have been much worse.

Not very long ago, Oslo was an icy Shangri-la of Scandinavian self-discipline, governability, and respect for the law. But in recent years, there have been grim changes, including a rise in gay-bashings. The summer of 2006 saw an unprecedented wave of them. The culprits, very disproportionately, are young Muslim men.

It’s not just Oslo, of course. The problem afflicts most of Western Europe. And anecdotal evidence suggests that such crimes are dramatically underreported. My own partner chose not to report his assault. I urged him to, but he protested that it wouldn’t make any difference. He was probably right.

The reason for the rise in gay bashings in Europe is clear – and it’s the same reason for the rise in rape. As the number of Muslims in Europe grows, and as the proportion of those Muslims who were born and bred in Europe also grows, many Muslim men are more inclined to see Europe as a part of the umma (or Muslim world), to believe that they have the right and duty to enforce sharia law in the cities where they live, and to recognize that any aggression on their part will likely go unpunished.

Such men need not be actively religious in order to feel that they have carte blanche to assault openly gay men and non-submissive women, whose freedom to live their lives as they wish is among the most conspicuous symbols of the West’s defiance of holy law.

Multiculturalists can’t face all this. So it is that even when there are brutal gay-bashings, few journalists write about them; of those who do, few mention that the perpetrators are Muslims; and those who do mention it take the line that these perpetrators are lashing out in desperate response to their own oppression.

Never mind that Europe, far from oppressing Muslims, offers personal freedoms and welfare-state benefits far beyond those available in any Muslim country. Never mind that few if any Europeans – certainly not gay people – are doing any Muslim-bashing. Never mind that Hindu and Buddhist immigrants, or immigrants from South America or China, feel no compulsion to react violently against their “oppression.” No, assaults by Muslims always have to be construed as defensive – as expressions not of power but of weakness, not of aggression but of helplessness. To suggest that the culprits, far from being fragile, sensitive flowers who’ve been pushed over the line by something we did, are in fact bullies driven by an overweening sense of superiority and a deep-seated malice – both of which they’ve been carefully taught at home, at school, and, yes, in the mosque – is verboten.

One familiar response is: “Well, non-Muslims beat up gays, too!” Yep – indeed they do. Yet for a while there, in much of Western Europe, homosexuality was on its way to being a non-issue.

In Amsterdam in the late 1990s, I was delightfully surprised to discover that when groups of straight teenage boys passed gay couples in the streets, they just walked past without any reaction whatsoever. The sight of gay people didn’t upset, threaten, amuse, or confuse them; the familiar, insecure urge to respond to open homosexuality with some kind of distancing, disdainful word or gesture – and thereby affirm to one another, and to themselves, their own heterosexual credentials – was simply not part of those kids’ makeup. For me, it was a remarkable experience. Amsterdam then seemed to me the leading edge of a new wave in the progress of human civilization.

Alas, it is now very clearly the opposite. The number of reported gay-bashings in Amsterdam now climbs steadily year by year. Nearly half Muslim, the city is a front in the struggle between democracy and sharia, under which, lest it be forgotten, homosexuality can be a capital offense.

Things have gotten so bad there that even on the part of the exceedingly politically correct, there has been a degree of acknowledgment that something has changed, and is still changing. After a group of Amsterdam Muslims beat up Chris Crain, the six-foot-five editor of the gay newspaper The Washington Blade, in May 2005, the head of the Netherlands’ leading gay-rights organization admitted that tolerance of gay people in that city was “slipping away like sand through the fingers” and that “gays and lesbians are less willing to walk hand-in-hand because they might be beaten up.”

I can testify that this is true. Yet politicians, journalists, activists, and others who cling to the multicultural mindset can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the Islamic foundations of all this bullying.

Instead, they offer the same kind of nonsense that was served up by a Human Rights Watch spokesman after the Chris Crain incident. “There’s still an extraordinary degree of racism in Dutch society,” that spokesman said. “Gays often become the victims of this when immigrants retaliate for the inequities they have to suffer.”

So powerful is the determination to turn away from the plain and simple truth that Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen recently commissioned a study by the University of Amsterdam. Its purpose? To try to figure out what motives underlie the increase in attacks on gay men and lesbians by Dutch-Moroccan men in Amsterdam. “Some researchers,” wrote a reporter for UPI, “believe they [Muslim gay-bashers] lashed out at local gays after feeling stigmatized by Dutch society.” In other words, as the straight-talking Norwegian immigration expert Inger-Lise Lien put it sardonically when I showed her the article, “it’s the assailant who’s the real victim.”

As for Cohen, he would appear to be operating out of pure cynicism. This is the same mayor, after all, who has called for the Netherlands to reach some “accommodation” with its male Muslim residents that would allow them to oppress their wives, sisters, and daughters – though he hasn’t been entirely clear as to just where he would draw the line. (Beatings? Rape? Forced marriage? Genital mutilation? Honor killing?) Given such an extraordinary record of pragmatism, it seems safe to assume that Cohen would also be more than willing, in the name of peace in our time, to turn away with respectful discretion when Muslim gangs beat the living daylights out of the occasional flikker.

In any event, another mayor, London’s Ken Livingstone, has already blazed that trail. In 2004, playing host to Sunni scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has supported the execution of gay people, Livingstone hailed him as a “progressive.” When gay activists called him on this ridiculous assertion, Livingstone retaliated by putting out a dissertation-length report whitewashing Qaradawi and smearing his critics as racists.

Even as Europeans in positions of authority persist in denying the plain facts about Muslim attitudes toward gay people, leading European Muslims keep reminding us what those attitudes are.

Take Norway’s Asghar Ali, deputy chairman of Norway’s Islamic Council. Ali, who also holds high-ranking positions in Norway’s ruling Labor Party and in the powerful Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, and has worked in an advisory capacity on the government’s Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud, would seem to be a model of successful assimilation. Yet at a November 2007 debate arranged by the gay student organization at the University of Oslo, he refused to reject the death penalty for gays. When asked about this issue, the head of the Islamic Council, Senaid Kobilica, said that Norwegian Muslims needed to discuss it and consult religious authorities. “While this process is underway,” Kobilica said, “I ask for understanding and respect for the fact that I am unable to comment, either about my personal position or about the position of the Islamic Council of Norway.” Understanding and respect, that is, for his unwillingness to say flat out that he did not believe gay people should be murdered.

Perhaps younger, well educated Muslims are more enlightened? Another participant in the University of Oslo debate, Muslim Student Association head Usman Rana, said that he personally didn’t support making homosexuality a capital crime, but that he would not criticize other countries’ practices. “There is unfortunately a tendency in Norway to degrade religious people,” Rana told Universitas, the college newspaper. “It is due to an extreme secularism among the Norwegian public. I fervently hope that our participation [in the debate on the death penalty for gays] helps to create a more nuanced view of Islam. The Norwegian public needs to become more liberal.” Once again, it’s the assailants – or, in this case, the would-be executioners – who are the real victims.

The Norwegian public may not yet be “liberal” enough to suit Rana, but the European establishment has been exceedingly so. Though Kobilica’s refusal to condemn the execution of gays caused a brief stir in the media, the Norwegian government has made no move to withdraw the Islamic Council’s annual subsidy of half a million kroner (about $100,000). Government officials and journalists continue to treat the council with deference, to view it as the Voice of Muslims, and to pretend that it is a voice of moderation. Once the flap over executing gays died down, moreover, politicians and others returned soon enough to the mantra about Islam being a religion of peace.

It’s very clear what’s going on here – and where it’s all headed. Europe is on its way down the road of Islamization, and it’s reached a point along that road at which gay people’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is being directly challenged, both by knife-wielding bullies on the street and by taxpayer-funded thugs whose organizations already enjoy quasi-governmental authority. Sharia law may still be an alien concept to some Westerners, but it’s staring gay Europeans right in the face – and pointing toward a chilling future for all free people. Pim Fortuyn saw all this coming years ago; most of today’s European leaders still refuse to see it even though it’s right before their eyes.


(foto © Snaphanen)

Pajamas Media via Veritas Universalis
Bruce Bawer’s book While Europe Slept is now in paperback. His website is at http://www.brucebawer.com/.

Når det ‘bedste’ befinder sig under gulvtæppet

Den hollandske regering ønsker formentlig samme skæbne over Geert Wilders som den der tilfaldt Pim Fortuyn og Theo van Gogh. Her og nu kan problemerne forårsaget af en skævvridning af Hollands demografi forsøges tørret af på ham der gør opmærksom på problemerne, men hvis Wilders bliver den der bringer krudttønden til eksplosion, har man måske en syndebuk, men man vil også stå med et her-og-nu problem man helst vil udsætte længst muligt. Fra De Telegraaf, i Gates of Viennas hollandske korrespondents oversættelse:

‘Possibly several days of disturbances after Koran movie’

Hilversum — The Ministry of the Interior is seriously considering the possibility of widespread public disturbances lasting several days as a consequence of the Koran movie produced by Geert Wilders. The ministry therefore issued a letter to the municipalities, police, fire, and health departments, pointing to the measures they may have to take. ‘Mogelijk meerdaagse onrust na Koranfilm’

Forestiller de sig at den konflikt som afspejles i problemerne som allerede nu tårner sig op, vil forsvinde eller mindskes, hvis væmmelige islamofobe som Wilders holder deres mund? Kan de virkelig ikke forestille sig noget bedre end at feje problemerne ind under gulvtæppet? (LFPC)

Massiv modstand mod autonomhus i Nordvest

“Folk i kvarteret har meget svært ved at forstå, at man først smadrer en bydel tre gange og derefter påstår, at man er en gevinst for et nyt lokalområde”

Mindst lige så svært at forstå er politikernes følgagtighed, og at de ansvarlige formentlig kan forvente at blive genvalgt efter dette knæfald for stormtropperne i København. Men der er formentlig ikke noget at sætte en finger på – alt er gået efter demokratiets spilleregler, må man formode. Fra 180grader :

84 procent af underskrifterne for eller imod, at de autonome skal have nyt klubhus på Frederikssundsvejens Skole, er imod.

Naboerne til Frederikssundsvejens Skole, som meget tyder på vil blive omdannet til klubhus for unge venstreradikale i København, er massive modstandere af projektet. Mere end otte ud af ti, der har deltaget i en underskriftsindsamling på nettet med mulighed for både at sige ja eller nej til idéen, er imod. 180grader


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