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Douglas Murray, der var i København  for et  år siden, spørger hvorhen England er på vej.  “I den retning, vi advarede”:

It’s a surreal sight, seeing one side waving “stop the fascist BNP” banners, and on the other side a group waving banners that say they are not the BNP. But it is a sign of things to come. In the following weeks, Birmingham again and then Harrow in north-west London, descended into the same violence, with self-described anti-Islamists and young Muslims clashing in the streets.

For years, our political class has allowed militant Islam to thrive in Britain and ignored those who have been warning of the consequences. Now the entirely predictable street-level response has begun. In the ensuing noise, as actual fascists from all sides try to clear the ground for themselves, those of us who hate them all will need all our care and caution to work out who is who.

Déjà-vu often leaves you slightly disorientated. If recent weeks are anything to go by, its opposite cannot but leave you feeling very bleak indeed about the future into which this country is heading. Who’s Who in These Riots? DOUGLAS MURRAY

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