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Forleden så man Geert Wilders som KZ-lejr vagt gelejde indvandrere i gaskammeret. Nu op til kommunalvalgene i marts lancerer en anti-PVV side videos, hvor medlemmer af Wilders parti kører spritkørsel og får blow-jobs af småbørn, samt en video, hvor der kun medvirker børn omkring femårsalderen. Kan man overhovedet stigmatisere en pædofil nazist ? Man kunne allerede se i Geoffrey Cains bog “Ondskaben Ikon”, om de bladtegninger der har været lavet om Pia Kjærsgaard gennem tiderne, at der ingen smalle steder er, når anstændigheden skal bekæmpe modstandere. Så mens “Viochdom- folket,” som vi nu døber dem, himler op om de skrækkelige kløfter som Wilders og Kjærsgaard skaber, ser de ikke de kløfter de selv skaber, som ligger lige for deres fødder, og som går lige midt ned gennem de hjemlige befolkninger. Rent had og brudte venskaber, ja selv ægteskaber. Splittelsen virker en tand mere ondartet end under den kolde krig. Dengang skulle borgerskabet klynges op i en lygtepæl, når DKP og VS havde fået overbevist arbejderne om at ville deres eget vel – men det blev ved retorikken. I dag kan modstanderne få nogle helt virkelig tæsk med et jernrør eller få håndgribelige dødstrusler, pædofiler, nazister og Untermenchen som de er. Tilsidst har vi alle glemt, hvem der skabte hvilken kløfter, tilbage er der kun at kigge ned i afgrunden og tænke: hvor kom den fra ? Da er det multikonfliktuelle samfund fuldbyrdet. Political videos provoke PVV leader.Watch the videos (Note: Some videos are in Dutch and some have sexual content)

Den virkelige racisme: Hindringer for hvides adoption af sorte børn

Og vi taler vel at mærke om multikulturalisters ‘omsorg’ for de ikke-hvide børn der angiveligt vil lide skade ved at blive flyttet fra deres autentiske og uspolerede kultur. Bliver det mere infamt og frastødende i sit hykleri? Det var nemmere dengang antiracisme bare betød farveblindhed, men netop dette ord er vistnok i vores tid håbløst usofistikeret (LFPC).

The charity Barnardo’s last night backed Government plans to stop social workers preventing white couples from adopting ethnic minority children.

Under guidance to be outlined this week, it will be unacceptable to stop families adopting children of a different ethnic group. This reverses current advice saying social workers must give ‘due consideration to the child’s religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background’.

Yet ethnic minority children wait three times longer than white youngsters to find new parents and many are not adopted at all. Last year about 20 per cent of the 2,300 children waiting to be adopted in Britain were black or Asian. […] Barnardo’s: White parents can adopt black children

Den “deltidspædofile” Muhammed: Læren fra Wien

[…] For hundreds of years the Islamic world had sighed for this moment. Millions of pious Muslims had to linger in awful uncertainty. Even the cleverest scholars could never agree on a universally agreed solution. But on Monday of this week, it was at that point.

The verdict of the Criminal Court in Vienna has finally settled the hotly disputed question of whether the Prophet Mohammed slept with his wife Aisha when she was at the tender age of nine, as many sources maintain. And so a Viennese judge, until now comparatively unknown among Koran experts, has decided as — so to speak — the highest authority on the faith from Morocco to Indonesia, that in any case there was no instance of pedophilia in the House of Mohammed. And therefore sentenced the defendant to 120 per diem payments for her public claim that the Prophet “liked to get it on with children.” Because the charge that Mohammed committed child abuse was “factually completely unjustified.” Ergo, “denigration of a religion” — end of lesson.

Quite aside from the weird presumption of wishing to clarify in the Viennese court a circa 1500-year-old Arabic bedroom tale — such a verdict (and the law on which is its based) is more suited to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iran than an allegedly liberal and secular constitutional state. To be convicted for quoting analogously what is an article of faith in a great part of the Islamic world, seems more like the verdict of a sharia court than a verdict “in the name of the Republic.” […] Why Does the Vienna Criminal Court Care About Mohammed’s Sex Life? (engelsk oversættelse på Gates of Vienna fra Die Presse)

[…] So, although Mohammed deflowered Aisha when she was nine, it is “factually incorrect” to call him a pedophile because he was still hot for her when she was in her late teens? As a point of law, it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish – and you’re gonna finish on top! Does this judicial ruling apply to all Austrians partial to a piece of underage totty? For example, Wolfgang Priklopil:

The Austrian girl who was kidnapped at the age of ten and imprisoned for eight years in a dungeon-like basement room by a pedophile predator who committed suicide when she escaped last week…

Whoa, whoa, hold up there. How can you say Herr Priklopil was a “pedophile” when he was still having sex with her when she was 18? And so were all his friends:

A dormant investigation into one of Austria’s most notorious kidnap cases is likely to be reopened after suggestions that Natascha Kampusch, the schoolgirl who vanished for eight years, was not held in a cellar throughout her ordeal as had been widely believed and may have been the victim of a paedophile ring rather than of a lone perpetrator.

Hey, don’t worry, says an Austrian judge. It’s not a “pedophile ring” if she still turns you on a week after she reaches the age of consent.

Or does this dispensation only apply to the Prophet (peace and get-out-of-jail-free cards be upon him)? […] Mark Steyn: The case of the part-time pedophile

Se også de righoldige islamiske kildetekster vedrørende Aishas alder: Muhammad and Aisha Revisited: An Examination of Muhammad’s Marriage to a Prepubescent Girl And Its Moral Implications (LFPC).

Steyn: The pansification of western civilization is all but complete

In the twelve months since I wrote this column, I’ve come to regard regulation as an even bigger threat not just to liberty but to the essence of our humanity. Nevertheless, the pansification of western civilization is all but complete:

News from around the world: In Britain, it is traditional on Shrove Tuesday to hold pancake races, in which contestants run while flipping a pancake in a frying pan. The appeal of the event depends on the potential pitfalls in attempting simultaneous rapid forward propulsion and pancake tossing. But, in St. Albans, England, competitors were informed by Health & Safety officials that they were “banned from running due to fears they would slip over in the rain.” Watching a man walk up the main street with a skillet is not the most riveting event, even in St. Albans. In the heat of the white-knuckle thrills, team captain David Emery momentarily forgot the new rules. “I have been disqualified from a running race for running,” he explained afterwards.

In Canada, Karen Selick told readers of the Ottawa Citizen about her winter vacation in Arizona last month: “The resort suite I rented via the Internet promised a private patio with hot tub,” she wrote. “Upon arrival, I found the door to my patio bolted shut. ‘Entry prohibited by federal law,’ read the sign. Hotel management explained that the drains in all the resort’s hot tubs had recently been found not to comply with new safety regulations. Compliance costs would be astronomical. Dozens of hot-tubs would instead be cemented over permanently.” In the meantime, her suite had an attractive view of the federally prohibited patio.

Anything else? Oh, yeah. In Iran, the self-declared nuclear regime announced that it was now enriching uranium to 20 percent. When President Obama took office, the Islamic Republic had 400 centrifuges enriching up to 3.5 percent. A year later, it has 8,000 centrifuges enriching to 20 percent. The CIA director, Leon Panetta, now cautiously concedes that Iran’s nuclear ambitions may have a military purpose. Which is odd, because the lavishly funded geniuses behind America’s National Intelligence Estimate told us only two years ago that Tehran had ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Is that estimate no longer operative? And, if so, could we taxpayers get a refund?

This is a perfect snapshot of the West at twilight. On the one hand, governments of developed nations micro-regulate every aspect of your life in the interests of “keeping you safe.” If you’re minded to flip a pancake at speeds of more than four miles per hour, the state will step in and act decisively: It’s for your own good. If you’re a tourist from Moose Jaw, Washington will take preemptive action to shield you from the potential dangers of your patio in Arizona.

On the other hand, when it comes to “keeping you safe” from real threats, such as a millenarian theocracy that claims universal jurisdiction, America and its allies do nothing. […] Mark Steyn: THE SAFETY STATE, AT HOME AND ABROAD

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10 years ago

Det er mærkeligt at hollandske medier viser alt det hadepropaganda mod Wilders.

Svenske medier viste da ellers et godt eksempel da de ikke ville vise SD reklamefilm sidste år.

Der må åbenbart være forskel på folk og partier…..

10 years ago

Meget godt skrevet. Det er vigtigt at tage dette alvorligt. Det er en skræmmende udvikling!

10 years ago

“. Så mens “Viochdom- folket,” som vi nu døber dem, himler op om de skrækkelige kløfter som Wilders og Kjærsgaard skaber, ser de ikke de kløfter de selv skaber, som ligger lige for deres fødder, og som går lige midt ned gennem de hjemlige befolkninger…..” I aften viser DR2 en “dokumentar” med titlen “Jimmy Carter i fredens tjeneste”, der “rejser land og rige rundt” på en “særdeles kontroversiel bogturne” i forbindelse med sin bog: “Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid”. En Oscar-belønnet dokumentarfilmsinstruktør filmer og “tegner et portræt af en aldrende ildsjæl med ungdommens gåpåmod og beslutsomhed”. Sådan beskrives en ven af… Read more »

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