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Le Suicide français (Allemand) Broché – 1 octobre 2014 de Eric Zemmour. Video fransk utekstet

– If I follow my reason, the state in which France finds herself is irreversible. If I follow my hope and if I consider the history of France, with low points and summits, then I say that we will hit rock bottom so hard that a rebound will ensue. Reasonably, I don’t believe in a recovery, but reason is not always right.

– The fall of the Roman Empire. There is, at the heart of the French suicide, a very characteristic self-hatred. The Romans did not perhaps feel that – it’s hard to know for sure – but they seem full of self-weariness. The great Roman bourgeoisie, in particular, let itself be massacred by the barbarians. It was weary of itself, like the prefect of Lutèce in Asterix et la Serpe d’or: “I’m weary, weary, weary…” The Romans at the end were passive. So are we. That’s what I call suicide. (…)

– For there to be a revolution, an awakening is necessary. We are not there yet. The goal of my book is to deconstruct the deconstructors, in order to accelerate the awakening. Rather than a revolution, I foresee Jacqueries (peasant revolts), Jours de Colère (days of anger). With the Bonnets Rouges (red caps) we see a new alliance: small business with workers. This enraged Mélenchon, because he understood what is happening: this new alliance is the result of globalization.

I also see coming a confrontation between three groups of youth. First, the youth of the elite schools of higher education composed of good soldiers of globalization, raised in chic multiculturalism and gender studies to the point where they don’t realize how phony all of that is. Second, the working class youth, abandoned, “marginal”. Finally, the immigrant youth. These three groups are alien to each other, and will end up in a confrontation. (…) Gallia Watch

“Längtan efter Sverige stor i krigets Syrien”

Niklas Orrenius kommer til at få meget presse, nu han udgiver en bog. Han er en af svensk presses dygtige angivertyper, der jager racister for at melde dem til mor stat. “Hvad gjorde du ved Holocaust, farmor?”  spurgte den lille Orrenius. Der skal være godhed og orden i Niklas’ verden. De der forstyrrer den, skal jages med bål og brand. Se mere om ham i Söndagskrönika: Niklas Orrenius’ vånda og Söndagskrönika: Agendajournalisterna. Der er nogle danskere, der tror at det der foregår i Sverige er meget “humant”. Det er længe siden, det var det. 80.000 sidder fast i asylsystemet, mange lever under elendige vilkår og uden nogen udsigt til hverken bolig eller arbejde.: “Jag ångrar att jag åkte till Sverige”.

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