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Migrant tribes, grenade attacks, authorities that don’t give a dam

Man kan vist godt sige, at svenske politikere på dette tidspunkt har gjort Sverige berygtet i verden, og ikke for det gode. Dansk P 1 havde et relativt hæderligt indslag om Malmø i morges, hvor Ulrik Strøjer Kappel dog mener, at de 30 håndgranater er en bandekrig. Hvor ved han det fra, når ikke engang Malmø politi ved det? Breitbart London følger landet med det mest detaljerede og ærlige artikler i Europa. Et nyt   konservativt medie i landskabet.

Sweden can be proud today to have shed its long standing reputation as ‘the most boring country in the world’. The Nordic state finds itself in the grip of a terrifying crime wave instead, which even ‘new Swedes’ describe as like “being back in Syria”.

Grenade attacks in multicultural paradise Malmö are now so commonplace the English-speaking media has all but stopped bothering to report them. Compounding the apparent disinterest in the descent of beautiful, historic Malmö into a third-world ghetto where native Swedes are very nearly in the minority, is a striking dearth of facts about what is actually going on there. [..]

Just a fortnight after the election, Denmark cancelled unemployment benefits for migrants. Instead, they could receive a new ‘integration benefit’ worth half as much as the old unemployment money – and would only be eligible to claim the new full amount if they learnt Danish.Following up on the move, the Danish government announced last week that this change in money available to newcomers would be ‘advertised’ in the newspapers of countries like Turkey, to make sure those considering making the journey across Europe to Denmark knew not to bother.

The Swedish are learning from their Danish counterparts, and are adopting the same tactics. As the Danes did in 2011, the Swedish right-wing has taken on the nose the recent ‘victory’ by the left-wing in the 2010 elections. WARING MIGRANT TRIBES, GRENADE ATTACKS, AUTHORITIES THAT DON’T GIVE A DAMN…WHAT IS GOING ON IN SWEDEN?

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