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En video censureret af You Tube og en censureret af Facebook

The fake feminists at @YouTube have removed my new video, Laughing At The Fake Feminists, and given me a strike on my account. Please share the crap out of it and rub it in their faces. On BitChute and LiveLeak

Now young Belgians stand up to protect their culture

Flemish patriotic youth group “Schild & Vrienden” has launched a video in which they pledge to defend their Flemish heritage and their future.

The footage shows how the group successfully disrupts a leftist pro-immigration protest at a Flemish castle in the city of Ghent. According to the group’s leader, Dries van Langenhove, leftists and their actions “endanger the future of Europe”.

In a short amount of time the video had 300,000 views but Facebook was not amused and censored it. Several messages and movies of the group have also been removed from Facebook and the group’s leader has been suspended from the platform. But the group will not give up and reposted their viral video today.

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