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“Hvad gør et system, der er truet af undergang? Det ekspanderer”

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The EU is doomed to collapse into chaos, academic claims

The European Union is doomed to collapse in the same way as the Soviet Union within decades, an academic has warned.

Gwythian Prins, a Brexit supporter, said the European project had echoes of the Soviet project which collapsed in 1991.

He said the EU was becoming ever more complex and not taking its citizens with it as it expanded its ambitions.

In a report for a pro-Leave group Professor Prins, an emeritus professor at the London School of Economics, said that the EU’s ‘mounting complexity and declining legitimacy’ had already sowed the seeds of its demise and Brexit was merely the start.

In comments revealed by The Times, he said: ‘Absence of cultural reproduction suggests that, like its older sibling (the Soviet Union), it should not expect to outlast a human lifespan. ‘Since the turn of the century things have been steadily falling apart. The EU is doomed to collapse into chaos in the same way as the Soviet Union, academic claims

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