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“A slap in the face for the free press and Dutch democracy?”

Nordisk presse synes ikke et avisattentat i Vesteuropa er interessant, men den internationale presse har historien.

Kommentar: The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the attack was a “slap in the face for Dutch democracy”. No it wasn’t, you parasitic bureaucrat. You are the slap in the face for democracy, by refusing to do what the majority of people want, which is to bring Muslim immigration to an end.

A van was driven into the offices of a right-wing Dutch newspaper in Amsterdam Tuesday morning, bursting into flames and causing significant damage in what is being called an attack on the news organisation. The Dutch police said the strike was a “deliberate action” and revealed a manhunt was underway after a suspect managed to escape the scene.

The paper, which has a conservative and populist style, has previously published images of the Islamic prophet Mohammed after the Danish cartoon scandal and received a bomb threat in 2006 after doing so. Dutch Newspaper Office Hit By Flaming Truck in ‘Deliberate’ Attack.

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