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Why don’t Swedes understand that the Somalis and other Muslims are here to take over your country?

It came as a total surprise even to her own party that Leila Ali Elmi snatched one of the two parliamentary seats on the Gothenburg list. The Green Party had put her 21st on the roster, which would normally mean no chance of being an MP. But Leila Ali Elmi lives in the no go-zone of Hammarkullen, where thousands of Somalis live, and ran her entire campaign in Somali. From nowhere she got 1 467 people to check her name om the ballot, making her the most popular Green politician in Gothenburg […]

For many years I have tried to get the Swedes to understand what the Muslim goal is – to take over your country. The first thing they will do is demand sharia courts, just like in the UK.But the mainstream media does not want to listen to Mona Walter. They call her controversial and most Swedes turn away from her message, which they perceive as too frightening. Ex-Muslim Mona Walter: “Swedes will lose Sweden in 50 years” (Med massinvandring kommer klanröstning.)

Thilo Sarrazins ny bog bestseller i Tyskland på 14 dage

Sarrazin: “Everything has been worse than I predicted eight years ago.”

A new book highly critical of Islam and Muslims has been flying off the shelves in Germany to become a non-fiction bestseller. Mainstream media panned it for a simplistic approach to the religion.


The controversial book titled “Hostile Takeover: How Islam Impedes Progress and Threatens Society” reached the number one spot on Der Spiegel’s non-fiction list after being on the market for less than a fortnight. It’s a critique of Islam as a religion, which the author sees as detrimental to people sharing it, based on a literal reading of the Koran.

Calling Islam an “ideology of violence in the guise of a religion,” Sarrazin’s latest work had a somewhat bumpy path to the shelves. US-based publisher Random House, which signed a book deal with Sarrazin in November 2016, refused to print in in May, leading to a lawsuit from the author. The manuscript was eventually picked up by Munich-based FinanzBuch Verlag, a publisher that usually specializes in non-fiction books dealing with business and trading subjects.

Sarrazin’s new work has received praise in right-wing German weekly Junge Freiheit, but mainstream media outlets, both in and outside of Germany, have slammed the book. Anti-Islam book becomes German bestseller less than two weeks after release

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