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Skal vi risikere at udslette verdens befolkning for at gribe ind i en grænsekonflikt, hvor USA ikke har nogen vitale interesser? Ubekymretheden i vestlige medier grænser til krigshetz og propaganda. Al den snak om, at Ukraine kan vinde. Hør den tidligere senator og marineofficer Richard Black

Richard Black NATO could’ve sought peace but chose war instead. NATO had ample opportunity for peace but deliberately chose war. The US realized that, with Russia’s back to the wall, it would have no choice to but to attack.

In 2007, US Ambassador to Russia William Burns pointedly warned that movement toward absorbing Ukraine into NATO might well trigger war between Ukraine and Russia. Nonetheless, the Obama administration overthrew the Ukrainian president and flooded in weapons, knowing that doing so would trigger war. Black said billionaire elites who have an interest in the region are making “war profits even if it means gambling the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe.”

“Should we annihilate the world’s population to intervene in a border war where the US has no vital national interest?” the former senator asked. Black called for an immediate end to this war by making Ukraine a neutral, non-aligned state, “just as we did during the Cold War with Austria in 1955. “Globalists Are Marching Us Relentlessly Toward Nuclear Armageddon,” Warns Former Senator

Hans Rustad: Dette er 1914

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