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Dette er interessant. Jeg fastholder mit illusionsløse standpunkt at kun frafald fra islam er godt nok hvis vi skal kunne sameksistere på længere sigt på lige fod, men jo flere kiler der bliver skudt ind i vores foragtelige socialistpartier, og jo flere moderate muslimer (dvs. individer, for der findes ingen moderat islam) der åbenlyst distancerer sig fra deres eget etniske baglands traditioner, jo bedre. Del og, om ikke hersk, så lev lidt længere i frihed. Via Gates of Vienna (LFPC):

Labour (PvdA) only listens to orthodox Muslims and ignores Moroccans who are moderates or non-believers, said three Moroccan local council members yesterday in De Pers newspaper. They predict that their followers will leave the PvdA and switch to centre-left D66.

“Atheistic Moroccans and secular Muslims say: why does the PvdA get so involved with religion?” says Mohammed Mohandis. He is a Gouda local council member for the PvdA and was recently elected chairman of the Young Socialists, the youth movement of the PvdA. “They are joining D66, because they find it a more liberal party.” […]

As a result, it can happen that a Moroccan Dutch person who puts a glass of beer to his lips is warned by a white Dutch person that this is not Halal. In this way, you as a Moroccan are Islamised by non-Muslims, declares Mohandis. And that, he says, also happens in his own PvdA.

Mohandis gives an example: “If someone wants to leave their faith, this causes much resistance. Then you as PvdA should always stand behind the individual. And not behind the group. (…) There are still too many PvdA members that think in groups. Even our minister for integration, Eberhard van der Laan.” […]

El Haji also believes that many Moroccans are leaving the PvdA. “I heard from youngsters that they went to other parties because the party did not pay them any attention. They go to D66, even though they naturally belong with the PvdA. To a lesser extent, they also go to GroenLinks and SP.” […] ‘PvdA Only Listens to Orthodox Islam’

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12 years ago

Kend din profet. Hø! Må jeg lige have lov til at påpege, at historiens sidste profet var Johannes Døberen? Der har ikke været profeter på denne jord siden ham. Apostlene og Jesus var som bekendt ikke profeter.

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