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Lukning af samfundsundergravende moské. Forbud mod samfundsundergravende organisation. Erklæring om brud på dogmet om tildelte statsborgerskabers ukrænkelighed (Sarkozy). Man kan kun håbe at dette tilsammen er antydninger af en ny tendens i Europa.

Hamborgs myndigheder har lukket en moské i en forstaden St. George. Gruppen bag moskeen menes at have rekrutteret jihadkæmpere. Moskéen blev efter terrorangrebene den 11 September 2001 kendt i hele verden som et mødested for terroristerne.

Hamborg i de tidlige morgentimer mandag: Efterretningstjenesterne slår til mod har Taiba-moskeen i St. Georg . Den arabiske kulturforening bag den er blevet forbudt, ifølge en talsmand for indenrigsministeriet. Det drejer sig om forfatningsfarlig virksomhed. Nærmere oplysninger vil bliver annonceret senere på dagen på en pressekonference.

20 politifolk og en række civile efterforskere blev indsat i de tidlige morgentimer, og borede låsene til bygningen ud. Moskéen blev gennemsøgt og computere blev beslaglagt som beviser. Taiba moskéen blev kendt i hele verden under sit tidligere navn, Quds moskéen, som mødested for 9/11 attentatmændene. Efterforskning har vist, at moskéen har hvervet jihadister til militære træningslejre i Pakistan og Afghanistan, og den har spredt jihad-propaganda på internettet. Spiegel Online: Sicherheitsbehörden schließen Hamburger Moschee(Snaphanens oversættelse)Mosque Used by 9/11 Plotters Is Closed, German 9/11 mosque closed.

Dagens Danmarks-bask

– Det är uhyggeligt i Danmark nu. Även människor man gillar har åsikter som inte går att förstå. Och folk tycker man överdriver när man är upprörd över att politiker har satt i system att demonisera vissa folkgrupper. Jag skäms över det och sörjer över att Dansk folkeparti har tagit över så mycket av det danska: flaggan, symbolerna, folksångerna. Till och med det här! säger hon och pekar ner på sin tallrik med rødgrød med fløde. Kanske är det något som finns i mina texter, nostalgin efter ett annat Danmark.Pia Juul: ”Det är uhyggeligt i Danmark nu”

Mellemøsten: Også front for sammenstød mellem multikultur og feminisme

Denne konflikt har i det mindste en betydelig underholdningsværdi. Der er absolut ingen grund til ikke at være kynisk: Kun ‘fysisk dissonans’ kan få vestlige femi-multikulturalister på andre tanker, og så endda kun måske. Man husker nok den nylige historie hvor en amerikansk etno-feminist efter en voldtægt på Haiti vendte sig fra ryggen om på maven og undskyldte sin krænker med århundreders vestlig, ‘hvid’ racisme (LFPC).

[…] Back in July, Ha’aretz reported the story of a former Arab convict named Alladin who would find these young female peace activist staying in nearby villages, he would tell them he was on the run from the Shabak (Israel security), and ask them to hide him.

These young female dupes would of course be happy to help an Arab on the lam from the Israeli authorities and let him sleep in their rooms.

So far one girl initially came forward about the attempted rape against her. She was found wandering the village of Umm Salmuna (near Bethlehem) in a state of shock, so who knows if the attempt actually failed. But in the end retracted her story due to pressure to “not hurt the cause”.

Pressure that came from the PA and the leftwing protest organizers.

Haaretz had learned that representatives of both the popular protest movement and the PA have since applied pressure on the American peace activist as to prevent her from making the story public.

The story could have ended there, except that there’s more. Apparently, quite a number of female protesters have been sexually assaulted and molested by the Arabs they are protesting for.

One attack occurred just recently in Bil’in. After the army fired smoke gas towards the rioting crowd of “peace” activists and Arabs, the protesters ran. One Arab decisively used the smoke cover as an opportunity to sexually assault one of the more seasoned female activists. […] What Leftwing Organizers don’t tell their female “peace” activists

Ground zero moskéen og de oplyste klasser


The enlightened class can’t understand why the public is uneasy about the Ground Zero mosque.
Americans may have lacked for much in the course of their history, but never instruction in social values. The question today is whether Americans of any era have ever confronted the bombardment of hectoring and sermonizing now directed at those whose views are deemed insufficiently enlightened—an offense regularly followed by accusations that the offenders have violated the most sacred principles of our democracy.

It doesn’t take a lot to become the target of such a charge. There is no mistaking the beliefs on display in these accusations, most recently in regard to the mosque about to be erected 600 feet from Ground Zero. Which is that without the civilizing dictates of their superiors in government, ordinary Americans are lost to reason and decency. They are the kind of people who—as a recent presidential candidate put it—cling to their guns and their religion.

There is no better exemplar of that faith than New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, though in this he is hardly alone. Compared with the Obama White House, Mr. Bloomberg is a piker in the preachments and zealotry department. Still, no voice brings home more unforgettably the attitudes that speak for today’s enlightened and progressive class.

Immediately after the suspect in the attempted car bombing near Times Square was revealed to be Faisal Shahzad, of Pakistani origin, Mayor Bloomberg addressed the public. In admonishing tones—a Bloomberg trademark invariably suggestive of a school principal who knows exactly what to expect of the incorrigibles it is his unhappy fate to oversee—the mayor delivered a warning. There would be no toleration of “any bias or backlash against Pakistani or Muslim New Yorkers.”

That there has been a conspicuous lack of any such behavior on the part of New Yorkers or Americans elsewhere from the 9/11 attacks to the present seems not to have impressed Mr. Bloomberg. Nor has it caused any moderation in the unvarying note of indignation the mayor brings to these warnings. It’s reasonable to raise a proper caution. It’s quite something else to do it as though addressing a suspect rabble.

It’s hard to know the sort of rabble the mayor had in mind when he told a television interviewer, prior to Shahzad’s identification, that it “could be anything,” someone mentally disturbed, or “somebody with a political agenda who doesn’t like the health-care bill.” Nowhere in the range of colorful possibilities the mayor raised was there any mention of the most likely explanation—another terrorist attempt by a soldier of radical Islam, the one that occurred to virtually every American who had heard the reports.

The citizens were, of course, right. Those leaders bent on dissuading them from their grasp of the probable cause of this near disaster were left with their red herrings hanging—but remembered. Mr. Bloomberg’s “someone who doesn’t like the health-care bill” would be inscribed in the golden book of howlers these events have yielded, along with Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano’s brisk assurance there was no evidence this was anything but “a one-off.”

The notion that it is for the greater good that the people be led to suspect virtually any cause but the one they had the most reason to fear reflects a contempt for the citizenry that’s of longstanding, but never so blatant as today. It is in the interest of higher values, Americans understand—higher, that is, than theirs—that they are now expected to accept official efforts to becloud reality.

Such values were the rationale for the official will to ignore the highly suspicious behavior of Maj. Nidal Hasan, who went on to murder 13 Americans at Fort Hood. A silence maintained despite all his commanders and colleagues knew about his raging hostility to the U.S. military and his strident advocacy on behalf of political Islam.

Those who knew—and they were many—chose silence out of fear of seeming insensitive to a Muslim. As one who had said nothing in the interest of this higher good later explained, Maj. Hasan was, after all, one of the few top-ranking Muslim officers the army had.

In the plan for an Islamic center and mosque some 15 stories high to be built near Ground Zero, the full force of politically correct piety is on display along with the usual unyielding assault on all dissenters. The project has aroused intense opposition from New Yorkers and Americans across the country. It has also elicited remarkable streams of oratory from New York’s political leaders, including Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

“What are we all about if not religious freedom?” a fiery Mr. Cuomo asked early in this drama. Mr. Cuomo, running for governor, has since had less to say.

The same cannot be said for Mr. Bloomberg, who has gone on to deliver regular meditations on the need to support the mosque, and on the iniquity of its opponents. In the course of a speech at Dartmouth on July 16 he raised the matter unasked, and held forth on his contempt for those who opposed the project and even wanted to investigate the funding: “I just think it’s the most outrageous thing anybody could suggest.” Ground Zero is a “very appropriate place” for a mosque, the mayor announced, because it “tells the world” that in America, we have freedom of religion for everybody.

Here was an idea we have been hearing more and more of lately—the need to show the world America’s devotion to democracy and justice, also cited by the administration as a reason to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City. Who is it, we can only wonder, that requires these proofs? What occasions these regular brayings on the need to show the world the United States is a free nation?

It’s unlikely that the preachments now directed at opponents of the project by Mayor Bloomberg and others will persuade that opposition. Those fighting the building recognize full well the deliberate obtuseness of Mr. Bloomberg’s exhortations, and those of Mr. Cuomo and others: the resort to pious battle cries, the claim that antagonists of the plan stand against religious freedom. They note, especially, the refusal to confront the obvious question posed by this proposed center towering over the ruins of 9/11.

It is a question most ordinary Americans, as usual, have no trouble defining. Namely, how is it that the planners, who have presented this effort as a grand design for the advancement of healing and interfaith understanding, have refused all consideration of the impact such a center will have near Ground Zero? Why have they insisted, despite intense resistance, on making the center an assertive presence in this place of haunted memory? It is an insistence that calls to mind the Flying Imams, whose ostentatious prayers—apparently designed to call attention to themselves on a U.S. Airways flight to Phoenix in November 2006—ended in a lawsuit. The imams sued. The airlines paid.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser—devout Muslim, physician, former U.S. Navy lieutenant commander and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy—says there is every reason to investigate the center’s funding under the circumstances. Of the mosque so near the site of the 9/11 attacks, he notes “It will certainly be seen as a victory for political Islam.”

The center may be built where planned. But it will not go easy or without consequence to the politicians intent on jamming the project down the public throat, in the name of principle. Liberal piety may have met its match in the raw memory of 9/11, and in citizens who have come to know pure demagoguery when they hear it. They have had, of late, plenty of practice.
Wall Street Journal Liberal Piety and the Memory of 9/11, Ms. Rabinowitz is a member of the Journal’s editorial board.

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11 years ago

Et lille klip fra YouTube med lukningen.


Her Hamborgs hjemmeside, hvor Christoph Ahlhaus, senator for indre anliggender (inden”rigs”)
udtaler sig. Det pikante i sagen er, at han er den designerede overborgmester i Hamborg, efter Ole von Beust trådte tilbage på aftenen hvor byens regering tabt folkeafstemningen om skolereformen. Det er ikke sikkert, han bliver valgt den 25. august efter dette stunt, de grønne har endnu ikke udtalt sig negativt i pressen, men de politisk korrekte syder med garanti bag facaden.:


Moskeen blev efter medierne at dømme mest besøgt af konvertitter.

Hans L
Hans L
11 years ago

Mon ikke vi har en moske eller to der også kan falde i samme katagori som den tyske, læser man Morten Skjoldager’s bog truslen indefra, har alle mistænkte terrorister deres gang i bestemte moskeer.

11 years ago

Nu er det morgen, og jeg har genlæst mit indlæg. Jeg vil gerne understrege, at det ikke er et partsindlæg til fordel for nogen, og hvis jeg har udtrykt mig, så at det kan læses i anden retning, så venligst slet det, for jeg kan af oplagte grunde ikke vide, hvad der er sket og må blot tage dommen til efterretning. Jeg kender ikke de implicerede og har aldrig været medlem af et politisk parti, jeg stemmer heller ikke DF. Men jeg må vel have lov til at undre mig, eller må jeg? Da jeg skrev i aftes, havde jeg… Read more »

11 years ago

OT Rune Engelbreth Larsen forsøger via Politiken at samle penge ind til journalist Jørgen Dragsdahls advokatregning og har skrevet et oplæg med mulighed for at debattere det. Emnet er interessant, men jeg har ikke lyst til at bevæge mig ind på Politiken, hvor Dragsdahl selv deltager i diskussionen. Som mange ved, har han fået idømt historieprofessoren Bent Jensen 400.000 kr. i erstatning for (påståede) injurier om, at Dragsdahl skulle have været KGB-agent under Den kolde krig, og nu vil han også gerne have penge til sin advokatregning. Bent Jensen har anket sagen til landsretten, og det skulle ikke undre mig,… Read more »

11 years ago
Reply to  Mette

Jeg vil tro, at særligt Baccuister vil slutte op om indsamlingen.

Noget andet er så, at man vist ikke er særligt gavmild eller solidarisk i de kredse.

Og noget tredie. Hvor fanden har han fremskaffet pengene til den første sag fra?? Da han efter sigende er på bistandshjælp og lige præcis netop den advokat fra netop det kontor næppe arbejder gratis, hvem har så betalt??

11 years ago
Reply to  annonym

Nå, han fortæller over på das-bladet, at han har fået særpris, 1/6 af normal honoraret. Hvilket dog stadigt er anseligt for en bistandsklient. Stadigvæk vist nok ca 1.500 timer a 4-500 kr.

11 years ago

Gnäll av den typen om Dansk Folkeparti, Danmark är “uhyggeligt” etc. är ingen beskrivning av landet, men blott en rituell markering av en politisk position. Danmark blev förstås inte radikalt ändrat av att få en ansvarsfull invandringspolitik.

Danmark har ju en borgerlig regering och för den nuvarande oppositionen har demonisering av DF och “deras” Danmark blivit den viktigaste ersättning för egentlig politik, efter att VKO-regeringen har “stulit” välfärdsstaten och alla andra sosseattiraljer.

11 years ago

“Jag skäms över det och sörjer över att Dansk folkeparti har tagit över så mycket av det danska: flaggan, symbolerna, folksångerna. ” Sikke da noget surt og defensivt pjat at sige. Der er ingen der kan tage flaget; dannebrog, symbolerne og folkesange fra nogen. Skulle jeg så sige at digteren har taget sproget fra os danskere, fordi hun har skrevet digte på dansk? Fordi hun i så mange år har brugt det danske sprog? Nej, selvfølgelig ikke. Jeg glæder mig over at digteren bruger det danske sprog rigtig, rigtig meget. Og jeg glæder mig over at DF bruger det danske… Read more »

Crass Børsting
Crass Børsting
11 years ago

Pia Juul, en halvgammel flæsket statsdigter, lige typen, der med glæde stiller op som moralist i svenske medier. Det ledsagende foto yder hende fuld retfærdighed.

11 years ago

“halvgammel flæsket statsdigter”

Du har bestemt sproglig talent haha – og det er godt dansk sprog der bliver brugt 🙂

11 years ago

Den av polisen stängda Koranskolan i Rosengård drevs av samma förening som nu vill bygga en stormoské i Malmö. Deras talesman sympatiserar med terrorstämplade Hamas i Gaza.

Nu stänger myndigheterna en Hamburg-moské, därför att gruppen bakom moskén rekryterar jihadkrigare.

Skulle inte förvåna om det också blir nödvändigt i Malmö någon gång i framtiden. Så varför överhuvudtaget bygga den där jihad-moskén?

Morten - - -
Morten - - -
11 years ago

Nu skal det blive rigtigt interessant, om nogen bliver dømt for noget, sådan, særligt. Eller det bare bliver i småtingsafdelingen.

– – –

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