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Det er nok en ret uærbødig association at få, men vi er i det mindste holdt op med at kalde dem “Bedsteforældre for Hyl” og man er henvist til at skrive, hvad der falder en ind. Også når man betragter de svenske deltagere, får man et indtryk af beskæftigelsesprojekt for velhavende pensionister med for lidt samkvem med deres børnebørn. Nu kl 22 har græske myndigheder stadig tilbageholdt det amerikanske skib Audacity of Hope – også titlen på Obamas erindringer i utide. Der er endnu en bedstemor her, der får en på damehatten af Israels konsul i New York.

Hollandske journalister har forladt Gaza-flotillen

Engelsk oversættelse fra De Telegraaf på Elder of Ziyon:

Enraged at the paranoia, the dictatorial atmosphere, mutual distrust and outright opposition on board, all Dutch journalists to leave the ship which the Dutch activists seek confrontation with Israeli marines in the Gaza Strip.

According to the four reporters who left, they were censored by the activists, who did not respond to any critical questions, such as the financing of the ship. The money was scraped together by collections in Dutch mosques, as this newspaper revealed earlier.

Vara editor Hasna El Maroudi decided to leave because the organization does not want to say that there were other participants: “I was not surprised by the presence of figures or organizations that I want nothing to do with. Also it remained unclear how the financing of the boat was done. I have repeatedly asked, but the answer was hidden in a web of vague foundations and umbrella organizations.” Hasna El Maroudi is a former columnist for NRC. […] Every Dutch reporter has now quit the [Hamas] flotilla , Det tyske venstreparti Die Linke forbyder deres medlemmer at deltage i flotillen.

Græsk nemesis for Gaza-flotillen

‘Audacity of Hope’ organizers say Greek authorities approach ship shortly after leaving port; boat brought back to Greek Coast Guard base; unclear how moves will affect overall flotilla plans.

The Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection on Friday issued a statement saying that the Minister, C. Papoutsis, decided to prohibit the departure of ships flying either Greek or foreign flags “to the maritime area” of Gaza.

“By orders of the Hellenic Coast Guard Head Quarters to all local Hellenic Coast Guard Authorities, all appropriate measures are taken for the implementation of the said decision,”| the statement said. […] Greek authorities ban flotilla ships, detain US boat

Oprejsning til Strauss-Kahn?

The sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is on the verge of collapse as investigators have uncovered major holes in the credibility of the housekeeper who charged that he attacked her in his Manhattan hotel suite in May, according to two well-placed law enforcement officials.

Although forensic tests found unambiguous evidence of a sexual encounter between Mr. Strauss-Kahn, a French politician, and the woman, prosecutors do not believe much of what the accuser has told them about the circumstances or about herself.

Since her initial allegation on May 14, the accuser has repeatedly lied, one of the law enforcement officials said. Strauss-Kahn Case Seen as in Jeopardy

The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss matters not yet made public in court, told The Associated Press that prosecutors have raised issues about the accuser’s credibility in the case against Strauss-Kahn, but would not elaborate on what those issues were.

A separate law enforcement official who is familiar with the case, but not authorized to speak about it publicly, told the AP that the issue was not necessarily about the rape accusation itself, but about troubling questions surrounding the alleged victim’s background that could damage her credibility on the witness stand. The official refused to elaborate. AP sources: Accuser issues shake Strauss-Kahn case

Update: Bliver Dominique Strauss-Kahn frikendt vil der helt sikkert altid hænge en tvivl over hvad der er foregået i kulissen. Det hed sig ellers ved hans arrestation at USA, i modsætning til Frankrig, var et land hvor de små kunne sende magtfulde mænd bag tremmer (LFPC).

[…] [The maid’s lawyer] says someone leaked the details to the New York Times, some of them false, to discredit her.

Bottom line: DSK’s defense team seriously undermined the maid’s credibility by saying that she consorted with a drug dealer, owns 5 cell phones (she denies this), has had hundreds of thousands of dollars into her bank account, and lied to get asylum. But the maid is sticking to her side of the story, which her lawyer described in graphic detail for the first time.

He repeated the worst evidence against DSK at least 4 times each:

he bruised her vagina

he ripped her stockings

she spit out his semen on the carpet and on the wall, and her supervisor saw it

she has a torn ligament in her shoulder

DSK had toothpaste smeared all around his mouth when he checked out […] The Maid’s Lawyer Just Told Everyone The Graphic Details Of Her Side Of The Story And It’s The Total Opposite Of DSK’s

Brødre korsfæstet i Elfenbenskysten

Two peasant brothers were brutally crucified on “the example of Christ” as forces loyal to Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara continue to target perceived supporters of his ousted Christian predecessor, Laurent Gbagbo.

Raphael Aka Kouame died of his injuries; incredibly his younger brother, Kouassi Privat Kacou, survived the ordeal. The pair were badly beaten and tortured before being crudely nailed to cross-shaped planks by their hands and feet with steel spikes on 29 May.

The brothers were falsely accused of hiding weapons in their home village of Binkro, which has been targeted by Ouattara supporters as the birthplace of a key enemy. They are looking for Prefect Koko Djei, President of the General Council of Oumé and an official in Gbagbo’s Ivorian Popular Front party, who is accused of distributing weapons to young Oumé men. The brothers repeatedly denied any involvement in a weapons cache, but their pleas were ignored.

After crucifying the brothers, Ouattara’s men took them on an extensive search of Binkro, but they found only a store of medical equipment and supplies, which they looted. The seriously wounded pair were then taken to prison in Oumé, where Raphael died in the night. […] Brothers crucified by Ouattara forces in Ivory Coast

EDLs deroute: Den anden version

Måske er dette udsagn i støttebrevet for EDL hele sagens omdrejningspunkt: “Our ideal of the “perfect” can kill any merely “good enough” effort”. Eller sagt på en anden måde, de der først vover at trodse en totalitær konsensus der har lagt sig over den vestlige verden er ikke nødvendigvis dem der er de pæneste og mest stuerene – Glistrup rinder i hu. Den anden yderlighed som jeg nævnte i går må dog heller ikke ignoreres, nemlig at der for de helt store antijihadiske aktører som Robert Spencer og Pamela Geller står rigtig meget goodwill på spil. Der er dokumenterbart mange der ønsker at sværte dem fordi de ikke kan argumentere imod deres oplysningsarbejde. Forsigtighed er også en faktor der ikke er til at komme udenom (LFPC).

Dear Ms. Geller,

We the undersigned are writing to register our astonishment and dismay at your public denunciation of the English Defence League, and in particular your reference to the “neo-fascists that had infiltrated the administration of the group”.

This is a grossly inaccurate and unfair slander against the leaders and membership of the EDL, who have never wavered in their refusal to include neo-Nazis, fascists, or adherents of any other ideology that seeks to divide people based on their ethnicity. […]

* Aeneas, ICLA, Beer n Sandwiches (England)

* Gavin Boby, Law and Freedom Foundation (England)

* Costin, În Linie Dreaptă (Romania)

* Eeyore, Vlad Tepes (Canada)

* Fjordman (Norway)

* Gaia, ICLA (England)

* Hans Erling Jensen, Eticha (Denmark)

* KGS, Tundra Tabloids (Finland)

* Rick Lakehomer, Patriot’s Corner (USA)

* Marc Louis, Jewish British Expat in Canada

* Nilk, Right Wing Death Bogan (Australia)

* Nanette Rayman-Rivera (USA)

* Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (Austria)

* Takuan Seiyo, son of victims of the Third Reich, writer (USA, Japan)

* Skjoldungen, Hodjas Blog (Denmark)

* Stogie, Saber Point (USA)

* Paul Weston (England)

* Zenster (USA)

* Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna (USA) An Open Letter to Pamela Geller (Updated)

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Vivi Andersen
Vivi Andersen
10 years ago

Kig lidt nærmere på ” BILDERBERG 2011″ – en samling af Strauss-Kahn beslægtede !

I den ene ende af skalaen har vi disse typer og i den anden ende typer som hende afro-amerikaneren med kasket… et al !

Min mening !

10 years ago

Jeg kan også godt forestille mig, at konflikten mellem EDL og Geller/Spencer handler om penge.

10 years ago

OT Igår aftes var Ann Barnhardt på “The Andrea Shea King” show (Blog Talk radio); http://www.blogtalkradio.com/askshow/2011/07/02/the-andrea-shea-king-show Første del af showet omhandler Sarah Palins nye film ‘Undefeated’, og Ann Barnhardt kommer på i anden del af showet. Den direkte anledning til at Barnhardt var på igår aftes var, at hun til september er hovedtaler på ” Center For Strategic Analysis’ annual seminar” i Las Vegas. Emnet for Barnhardts tale er “Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil.. På showet igår aftes kommer Ann Barnhardt selvfølgelig ind på dette emne om seksualitet i islam, men hun bliver virkelig interssant når hun kommer ind… Read more »

10 years ago

Hade Pamela Geller någon grund för sina påståenden? Om följande stämmer så är det minst sagt pinsamt för Geller:

It appears that Roberta Moore, whom Pamela Geller cites as her authority on the supposed neo-fascism of the EDL, was kicked out of the EDL for her ties to violent Jewish extremists, and made up the “Nazi” BS for revenge and to provide her with a false excuse for leaving the EDL.

h t t p://saberpoint.blogspot.com/2011/06/roberta-moore-and-sliming-of-english.html

10 years ago

“Da fanden blev gammel, gik han i kloster”. Den gamle 1960’er oprører, Roger Daltrey fra The Who, brokker sig nu over den massive indvandring, som fandt sted under Labour-regeringen: “Brown’s government ‘left the British working man screwed by cheap labour’, says Who frontman Roger Daltrey”: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2009982/The-Whos-Roger-Daltrey-Labour-left-British-working-man-screwed-cheap-Labour.html Mon ikke der findes en eller to gamle 68’ere, som har fået morgenkaffen galt i haslen da de læste den artikel. Det havde de sikert ikke troet, at en fra ‘Their generation’ kunne finde på at give udtryk den slags “højre-ekstreme” holdninger. Har Roger Daltrey mon ikke fattet, at det ikke længere er den… Read more »

Bendt Weinstein
Bendt Weinstein
10 years ago

Jeg tror ikke et sekund på Strauss-Kahns uskyld. Tidligere har han muligvis båret sig lignende ad :


Marxistiske gangstere spredte deres usynlig fangarme og oligarkiske blækspruttekorpus udover masserne, det er hvad der der kom ud af de revolutioner.

Hans Und
Hans Und
10 years ago
Reply to  LFPC

plus den omstændighed, at Rapporterne der kom efter anholdelsen talte om, at han havde givet tilbud til receptionisten på hotellet. Man behøver ikke være videre spekulativ for at forestille sig, at hans adfærd har været almindelig og almindeligt kendt blandt personalet. Det kan sagtens være, at tidligere afpresnings forsøg er blevet imødegået af DSK med “gør du bare det min pige, men tænk på at jeg bare fortæller, at jeg ikke betalte dig 1000 men 100” Det har selvfølgelig givet “nogen” anledning til, at overveje et, hvad nu hvis muligheden byder sig scenarie. Ordentlig efterforskere ser selvfølgelig også den mulighed… Read more »

10 years ago

Holland har blivit hårt drabbat av all invandring 🙁

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