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John Bolton: “This will come as news to the Coptic Christians that they’re supposed to exercise restraint. They’re being attacked, they’re the ones being victimized both by mobs of fellow Egyptian citizens who are Muslims and by the government.” (Via Atlas Shrugs og Breitbart TV)

[…] State TV, also known as Maspero, is under fire from rights activists for falsely reporting that the Coptic protesters attacked the military forces with weapons, which resulted in the death of at least three soldiers and then called on the Egyptian people to take to the street to help protect the armed forces.

The news, when reported on Sunday evening, agitated many Muslims, who took up arms and went to the streets of downtown, clashing with protesters, both Muslims and Coptic Christians, injuring dozens in the worst sectarian violence since the fall of ousted President Hosni Muabrak’s regime.

State TV also reported that the protesters were armed and initiated the violence that killed the soldiers, which escalated the bloodshed late on Sunday. […]

Videos posted online show armored vehicles running over people, killing and injuring scores of them. Eyewitnesses told Bikyamasr.com at the protest that Copts were “not armed” and the army was “not provoked to attack.” […]

[TV host Rasha] Magdy repeatedly emphasized that Coptic protesters were attacking soldiers. She started her broadcast by apologizing for not being able to host the families of military martyrs of the 1973 war because of the unfortunate events, and went on to say that “the same troops that fought the war and sided with the revolution earlier this year are under attack as we speak.” […]

“State TV committed a number of fatal mistakes,” says [journalism professor Nalia] Hamdy, citing an interview with a military soldier who called Coptic protesters “dogs” and asked people to defend the soldiers.

“This might not have been intentional,” says Hamdy. “But it is certainly giving the wrong message and has to stop.” […] Egyptian state TV fueled deadly protests with a lie

Fjordman takker: “Jeg er overvældet”

I don’t usually ask for donations online since I generally make my essays available on the Internet for free, and there are so many good bloggers and others out there who could use a few bucks at least as much as I do. But I am amazed and frankly quite touched by how many people are willing to donate some of their hard-earned money when I do ask for a donation. The response over the past 24 hours has been nothing short of astonishing.

There is a serious disconnect between how I am portrayed in the press and how many ordinary people apparently like my writings. I can only conclude that many people no longer trust the mainstream media to tell them the truth about anything. I have received offers to stay for free in Brazil or to travel virtually anywhere I want to within Europe. I cannot accept these offers right now, but I am very moved by them and they are deeply appreciated.

Some, like the Baron and Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna, are very good at thanking each and every contributor individually by email. I would very much like to follow their example here, but I am literally overwhelmed at the moment by the response, plus preparing my upcoming book as well as practical issues related to moving to a new location. I cannot guarantee that I can answer every single person who donated money, and it will anyway probably take a few days before I have time at my disposal to do this, but I will do my best.


USA: Hertz fyrer bedende muslimer

Måske er det kun et nanosekunds standhaftighed der udvises her, måske falder det til jorden i morgen når virksomheden fornemmer ummaen rumle i undergrunden. Men man må værdsætte de øjeblikke der trods alt findes (LFPC).

Hertz rental car company, which was met with protests for suspending 34 Muslim shuttle drivers in Seattle in a dispute over prayer breaks, said it would reinstate the workers if they agreed to clock in and out.

Hertz said the Somali Muslim employees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport were suspended not for praying but for failing to clock in and out for 10-minute breaks as required under a collective bargaining agreement.

Washington state law allows employees two 10-minute breaks during an eight-hour shift.

“This issue arose when breaks for prayers were extended for unacceptably long periods beyond 10 minutes for nonreligious activities, Hertz spokesman Richard Broome said in a written statement issued on Friday night.

“Individual warnings were communicated as well as a written warning, both prior to the implementation of disciplinary action,” he said. […] Hertz: Muslim workers failed to follow break rules 

Mujahedinerne på Balkan: Sarajevo Ricochet

DR 2sendte iaftes første del af den norske dokumentar, en øjenåbner om jihadisterne på Balkan. Amerikanerne og NATO havde hovederne under armen, og spørgsmålet er, hvor meget klogere de er blevet i dag. Det samme gælder iøvrigt også danske medier, ikke mindst DR, hvis rapportering stadig i dag har karakter af anti-serbisk propaganda. To must see film. Man må håbe, DR også sender del II- Srebrenica A Town Betrayed – om det muslimske forrædderi, der gjorde massakren mulig. Overskurken i begge afsnit er muslimlederen Alija Izetbegović, der solgte Srebrenica i en studehandel, der skulle få amerikanerne til at bombe serberne. Dernæst hans jihadistiske krigsforbrydere, først og fremmest blodhunden Naser Orić. Ellers er nr. II også her nedenfor stregen:

This two-part documentary reveals how al-Qaeda used Bosnia as a training-ground, money-laundering centre and forward operating base during the brutal civil war of 1992-95. The veterans went on to attack New York, Washington DC, London, Madrid, Mombasa and Bali. The story also reveals how the people of Srebrenica were betrayed by the Sarajevo government in advance of the massacres of July 1995.

This documentary exposes the callous betrayal of the massacred men of Srebrenica – how they were sacrificed by their own government for a political objective. The widows, mothers and sisters of the men and boys who died near Srebrenica will never let the world forget the events of July 1995. The Serbs pulled the trigger, but the reasons for their brutal action has not been investigated. Now Bosnian Muslims themselves expose what really happened before, during and after what is been called `the European genocide of our time`. The Bosnian Muslim government was negotiating with the Serbs to exchange territory – Srebrenica for the suburbs of Sarajevo.

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11 years ago

God nyhed for Fjordman! Den 30. Oktober udkommer en bog om hans ti bedste Essays. Fjordman Europa verteidigen http://www.shop.edition-antaios.de/product_info.php?info=p770_Europa-verteidigen.html En smule Text, undskyld paa tysk, men jeg har det travlt, skal skrive en artikel om det her for PI: Der norwegische Attentäter Anders Breivik hat sich in seinem Pamphlet zur Tat immer wieder auf den Internet-Publizisten Fjordman berufen, der im Internet den Untergang Europas aufgrund von Masseneinwanderung und Verteidigungsschwäche skizzierte. Martin Lichtmesz und Manfred Kleine-Hartlage dokumentieren in ihrem Buch zehn der wichtigsten und besten Essays Fjordmans. Sie analysieren in flankierenden Texten, ob und wo es einen Zusammenhang der Analysen Fjordmans,… Read more »

11 years ago

“en øjenåbner om jihadisterne på Balkan. Amerikanerne og NATO havde hovederne under armen, og spørgsmålet er, hvor meget klogere de er blevet i dag.”

Giver den nyligt afsluttede NATO-mission i Libyen ikke ligesom svaret på det spørgsmål??? Her agerede NATO som al-Qaeda’s luftvåben.

Peter Andersen
11 years ago
Reply to  JensH

Historien vil udrede mange interessante ting. Men lige nu gider ingen at stå i kø ved håndvasken, derfor satser man benhårdt på “at komme videre”…

Med til hele billedet vil også høre udredningerne omkring Tjetjenien og alle de andre muslimske enklaver i det gamle Sovjetunionen. Parkistans dobbeltspil og tabet af Afghanistan. Når først støvet har lagt sig, efter “det arabiske forår” kan vi sikkert tage fat på det hele.

Og så bliver der kø ved håndvasken!

Ulla Lauridsen
11 years ago

Is it public knowledge which country Fjordman has chosen to tage refuge in? I certainly would like to know which country he trusts more.

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