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Annoncen er fra Amnesty og fremstiller de to SVP-politikere Ueli Maurer og Christoph Blocher som asylsøgere.

Unruly asylum seekers can be put in special centres, conscientious objectors and army deserters lose guaranteed refugee status and asylum applications can no longer be filed at Swiss embassies abroad.The measures take effect on Saturday.

The debate came as pressure is mounting on the government to reduce the number of asylum requests. Centrist parties have been taking an increasingly hardline policy approach following the example of the People’s Party. There have also been grassroot protests against asylum centres in several regions…..Both parliamentary chambers this autumn session also agreed in principle to reduce aid payments to asylum seekers.Asylum rules tightened amid leftwing opposition, Christoph Blocher, somalischer Flüchtling

From the belly of the iranian beast

Reza Khalili, author and former CIA spy, gives his analysis on the threat of Iran, their nukes, and the possibility of war. – Det er en meget, meget kompliceret og farlig tid vi går ind i. Den er ridset op her i en analyse, der er kritisk overfor Nethanyahus tale forleden: Bibi, Be Quiet — You’re Undermining U.S. Support for Israel:

The U.S. (currently) believes the risks from a pre-emptive strike outweigh the risks of waiting for sanctions to pressure Iran into ending its nuclear weapons program. The U.S. has made clear: It’s committed to preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons and all options are still on the table, but it believes additional public threats against Iran are counter-productive, and will only make it more difficult for Iran to back down.Many Israelis agree with the American risk assessment.

Instead of treading carefully in this complex situation, Netanyahu has: Stridently criticized the Obama administration, and demanded that the U.S. (and the world community) set public “redlines” (e.g., on “the size of Iran’s stockpile of close-to-bomb-grade uranium” ) which, if crossed, trigger an automatic American mlitary response.

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Morani ya Simba
Morani ya Simba
9 years ago

Jeg har ofte vaeret meget uenig med Netanyahu, og fundet ham dybt irriterende og arrogant. Men jeg maa indroemme at jeg stoetter ham i Iran-spoergsmaalet bortset fra at jeg finder det iranske regime saa vulgaert umoralsk, aggressivt og hadefuldt, og tanken om at de kommer i besiddelse af atomvaaben saa svimlende vanvittig, at jeg faktisk oensker en noget mere kontant holdning til Iran end Netanyahu repraesenterer paa nuvaerende tidspunkt. Jeg tror det er oplagt hvad “mere kontant holdning til Iran end Netanyahu staar for” logisk maa betyde.

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