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October 31, 2012 By Fjordman

I paid a visit to southern Sweden on October 27, 2012. The occasion was a visit to Malmö by a fellow notorious Islamophobe, the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. He had been invited there to speak by Ingrid Carlqvist, the leader of the newly established Swedish Free Press Society. This is a brave but difficult initiative in a semi-totalitarian society, where the mass media are infamous for their crushing left-wing, multicultural and pro-Islamic consensus.

Malmö was historically one of the first Christian cities in what is today Sweden. It is currently set to become the first Muslim-majority city or town in the Nordic countries, but perhaps not the last. What once was a safe Scandinavian city has in recent years been plagued by a wave of armed robberies, rapes and bombs.

The performance of the Swedish police was a mixed bag. From my personal experience, they did a reasonably good job, but they apparently let through a few things that I didn’t see. Katrine Winkel Holm of the Danish Free Press Society reported about physical assaults on some of those who simply came peacefully to listen to Wilders’ speech. Holm criticized the police for giving violent left-wing thugs too much leeway to intimidate and attack people in the streets, trying to block them from entering, or bombarding them with eggs while calling them “Nazis.”

Upon arrival we noticed there was already a heavy police presence. To invite perhaps the most famous Islam-critical politician in Europe to speak in the most heavily Islamized city in Scandinavia was a slap in the face, not just to Muslims, but at least as much to their enablers on the far Left. Predictably, those leftists showed up in force. Not just from Sweden; they even imported violent left-wing thugs from neighboring Denmark to assault people.

They may unfortunately have managed to scare away a few potential listeners. For the most part, however, the heavy presence of the Swedish police, complete with horses, helicopters and armored vehicles, managed to keep the totalitarian thugs at bay. They were shouting slogans and carrying banners, as usual. Most people paid little attention to them, since everyone already knew what they were going to say. These people haven’t substantially changed their slogans for the past 80 years, since the time of Stalin’s purges in the 1930s. Everybody who disagrees with them is a “Fascist.”

They can be very violent when they want to, and for years have physically attacked critics of Islam or mass immigration in Sweden while the authorities looked the other way. The AFA, or “Anti-fascists,” are remarkably similar to actual fascists, although that irony would be totally lost on them. They are what they claim to fight. These left-wing thugs seem to believe that we would be living in a socialist, multicultural paradise had it not been for the stubborn resistance of evil racists and Islamophobes, who must be stamped out at all costs. Sweden is expected to receive 50,000 asylum seekers in 2013, a very substantial number for a small Scandinavian nation, but for left-wing thugs, the natives cannot be turned into a minority in their own country fast enough.

All things considered, however, they were tamer this time around than might have been feared. The main reason for this lackluster performance was no doubt the heavy police presence, but partly also because it was a bit cold. These are revolutionaries of the PlayStation 3 era. Yes, they want to smash the capitalist system and beat up the fascists pigs who uphold it, but not today. It’s too cold, and mummy has some warm meatballs for them at home.

Once inside, I sat down in a room packed with TV cameras and journalists, and not just from Sweden. Norwegian TV2 and others have accused me of “hiding” from the press. They’ve wanted to interview me for more than a year. Well, this time I was sitting openly in a major Scandinavian city smack in the middle of a crowd full of members of the press. Even though my photo has been widely circulated in Norway, a team from Norwegian TV2 passed me by just a few meters away on multiple occasions and never noticed my presence……. Læs videre på Frontpage Magazine.

“Konventionen mod psykologisk vold mod hen’er”

“Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence” er i færd med at blive underskrevet og ratificeret. Der står mange udmærkede selvfølgeligheder om grimme handlinger imod kvinder og børn, der i forvejen er forbudt i civilliserede lande, nåh ja, der jo Sverige, der kan producere en hel del kvindeflygtninge. Men:

England, 18 other nations including Germany and France signed an absurd United Nations treaty about Women that requires them to pass new laws making sexist comments a crime and outlawing “psychological violence,” which they define broadly to include statements “seriously impairing a person’s psychological integrity through coercion or threats.” This is sold to the public as part of a phony campaign against domestic violence, and politicians are apparently still too afraid to stand up to the feminists even to stop such obviously bad laws. Feminists Criminalize Comments in Europe

Køn er det, du har konstrueret:

c “gender” shall mean the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for women and men;

Underskriverne forpligter sig til at opfostre og uddanne de unge som uvoldelige, ustereotype ‘hen’er:

1 Parties shall take, where appropriate, the necessary steps to include teaching material on issues such as equality between women and men, non-stereotyped gender roles, mutual respect, non-violent conflict resolution in interpersonal relationships, gender-based violence against women and the right to personal integrity, adapted to the evolving capacity of learners, in formal curricula and at all levels of education.

En hen der får tæsk i Timbuktu, skal gives genus-sensitivt asyl i et uvoldeligt land:

Article 60 – Gender-based asylum claims
1 Parties shall take the necessary legislative or other measures to ensure that gender-based violence against women may be recognised as a form of persecution within the meaning of Article 1, A (2), of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and as a form of serious harm giving rise to complementary/subsidiary protection.
2 Parties shall ensure that a gender-sensitive interpretation is given to each of the Convention grounds and that where it is established that the persecution feared is for one or more of these grounds, applicants shall be granted refugee status according to the applicable relevant instruments.
3 Parties shall take the necessary legislative or other measures to develop gender-sensitive reception procedures and support services for asylum-seekers as well as gender guidelines and gender-sensitive asylum procedures, including refugee status determination and application for international protection.

Den 31,10.2012 havde Danmark ikke skrevet under endnu, men Norge og Sverige har. Hvis man vil sige ‘dumme mær’, skal man måske skynde sig inden de skriver under.

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Svend Andersen
Svend Andersen
9 years ago

Hvis man vil sige ‘dumme mær’, skal man måske synde sig inden de skriver under.

Jeg skynder mig at synde lidt – en lille hilsen til feministerne, fanden ta’ dem:

9 years ago

Kan man bede og spise madpakker i samme rum?


Britta Søndergaard | 30. oktober 2012

Muslimsk bøn i arbejdstiden accepteres, men det foregår ofte i frokost-stuen, viser rundspørge til 10 store danske virksomheder. Buschauffør blev fyret efter konfrontation med bedende kolleger
Få meter fra det sted, hvor chaufførerne spiste deres madpakker, lå muslimske kolleger på knæ i bøn. Bønnen var et irritationsmoment, og en dag tog buschauffør Henrik Petersen affære og fjernede kollegernes bedetæpper. Episoden var en af årsagerne til, at han nogle måneder senere blev fyret fra Arriva i København.


9 years ago

ExitSweden: Nei, jeg var slett ikke lei meg, men jeg syntes det var litt underholdende. Norsk TV2 har klaget i over ett år på at jeg ikke har gitt dem et intervju, og hevder at jeg “gjemmer meg” for pressen. Vel, denne gangen satt jeg helt åpenlyst midt i salen i en større skandinavisk by som vrimlet av pressefolk og TV-kameraer. TV2s journalister var flere ganger så nært meg at de kunne ha klødd meg på nesen, men de gikk rett forbi hver gang. Det er fint at vi har slike dyktige gravende journalister. De har i alle fall mistet… Read more »

9 years ago

@Fjordman. Konstigt att Finn-Ove Hågensen från norsk TV2 inte såg dig! Vid ett tillfälle såg jag att han var mindre än en meter i från dig. Jag antar att du inte är ledsen för att MSM inte såg dig;-) men vi var flera andra som gjorde det.

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