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Denne film er tilegnet Gudrun Schyman og den slags pseudofeminister.

Mehdi Nemmouche udleveres til Belgien

Mehdi Nemmouche har modsat sig det, fordi han frygter Belgien vil udlevere ham til Israel. Det kan man kun håbe, Belgien gør. Hvis han skal møde sin skaber, hvilket bedre sted findes der end Tel Aviv eller Jerusalem?

A French jihadist who fought in Syria and allegedly killed four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum after travelling back to Europe is to be extradited to Belgium. Mehdi Nemmouche was arrested during a customs inspection in the French port city of Marseille in May.

A court in Versailles, near Paris, ruled that he should be handed over to Belgian authorities investigating the museum attack, which left four people dead. Nemmouche’s lawyer, Apolin Pepiezep, said his client will appeal the decision, arguing that as a French national arrested on French soil, he should be tried in France. France: ‘Isis Jihadist’ Mehdi Nemmouche to be Extradited over Brussels Jewish Museum Attack, France orders extradition of Jewish museum shooting suspect

Cheney: There will be an attack on America within the next decade; worse than 9/11

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