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(Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary’s videokanal er forsvundet ikke hans Facebook endnu.) Han er nu søndag morgen den hovedmistænkte. Hans ‘kunstnernavn’ var L Jinny.

The Unknown mixtape with my bro tabanacle will be the last music I’m ever releasing. I have left everything for the sake of Allah….Pagan newspapers at it again…smh. You got nothing better to write about or you love me? (Bary’s sidste posteringer på Facebook)

British Special Forces hunting the killer of James Foley are using an array of sophisticated equipment to track him down – and possibly free other hostages being held. The Mail on Sunday has been given a detailed account of how elite troops from the SAS and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) are conducting high-tech operations inside Syria and Iraq, which could lead to the capture of the extremists within days. It emerged as reports suggested that British intelligence services had identified the true identity of the terrorist who beheaded Mr Foley – as seen in a video which shocked the world – known as ‘Jihadi John’.

In the past 48 hours a ‘significant force’ of SAS soldiers and signallers have deployed to northern Iraq, joining Iraqi and Kurdish units fighting IS. They have separated into four-man teams and are accompanying local troops in an attempt to capture British jihadis, identify them and establish links to Jihadi John. A key suspect is 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary. SAS in high-tech hunt for Jihadi John: ‘Significant force’ of elite UK troops on the ground as MI5 identify James Foley’s sickening killer

“Helvedet i Frankrig”

The magazine Valeurs Actuelles has a series of articles this week on the plight of the indigenous French people forced to live in Muslim-colonized areas. It is far from astonishing that doctors are now refusing to do home visits, that the Post Office is often refusing to deliver packages to certain Muslim areas. Some funeral corteges, according to the criminologist Xavier Raufer, are being forced to avoid high-risk sectors, because the crosses on their hearses become targets of choice.

A shopkeeper mentions the vulnerability of the elderly: “They have to lower their eyes in front of kids of 12 years old. No one helps them because they are French. They are more and more isolated because there are fewer and fewer shops here, it’s too difficult. The mini-supermarket closed a year ago. The manager was being shaken down. Almost every day, he was beaten……det hele på Scenes from ‘Occupied France’

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Moran ya Simba
Moran ya Simba
7 years ago

Det irriterer mig at vesten nu fokuserer på een morder og ignorer det generelle strategiske problem. Vi er godt nok nemme at distrahere…

T. Snorrason
T. Snorrason
7 years ago
Reply to  Moran ya Simba

Korrekt, imponerende hvad der gøres for en selverkløret “fotojournalist”, som endog alene har arbejdet politisk for selv samme jihadister. Egentlig var hans endeligt velfortjent og skæbnens ironi.
Hvordan går det med Boko Haram? Nå ja, det var kun 200-300 negerpiger det gik ud over plus titusinder andre.
Hvorfor angriber man ikke de virkeligt ansvarlige, financiererne Quatar og Saudi Arabien f.eks?

poul thomsen
poul thomsen
7 years ago

De specialtroppers headcams ville jeg gerne se med på…

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