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During his career he got a more critical view on the Islam and he became friends with Theo van Gogh, Ayaan Hirshi Ali and Geert Wilders. He was a regular newspaper columnist and frequent media commentator. In 2008 he advised Geert Wilders about his anti-Islam movie Fitna and in 2010 he was a principal witness in the trial of Geert Wilders. During this trial, a judge approached him during a dinner party and allegedly tried to convince him that the trial was justified. As a result, the judges were substituted and a retrial was ordered. The judge who was alleged to have attempted to influence him subsequently retired from the bench. Until his death he was a Member of the European Parliament for the political party Party for Freedom. Wikipedia

På billederne foruden Hans Jansen: Lars Hedegaard, Nidra Poller, Robert Spencer, Sam Solomon, Bat Ye Or, David Littman og Filip Dewinter. Alle fotos © Snaphanen. Arabist en PVV-politicus Hans Jansen overleden

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