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Den norske redaktør Hans Rustad i samtale med Mark Steyn på Christiansborg den 26 september 2015. Det er et uddrag af en længere samtale, jeg håber at kunne publicere senere. Der er mere Mark Steyn idag: Mark Steyn rebukes democrats in climate hearing: ‘You’re effectively enforcing a state ideology’

‘We Have To Ask Muslim Leaders’ Permission To Patrol’

Der bliver- også i danske medier – himlet over nogle af Donald Trumps udtalelser. Hvad nu hvis han også har ret? Det skriver de ikke om. Flere engelske betjente beretter:

A British policeman has hit back at the UK political establishment’s trashing of U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments about policing in the United Kingdom, stating that there are some areas in the country where cops have to ask permission from local Muslim leaders in order to patrols.

Now the Daily Mail has reported that a Lancashire Police officer has said: “There are Muslim areas of Preston that, if we wish to patrol, we have to contact local Muslim community leaders to get their permission”.

Another officer from Yorkshire in the North of England, wrote on an online Police web forum: “I’m not allowed to travel in half blues [uniform] to work anymore IN MY OWN CAR as we’re “All at risk of attack” – yet as soon as someone points out the obvious it’s ‘divisive.’”

A female officer added: “Even if one of us did get killed or dragged off in a van. It would just be reported as a ‘one-off incident’ and no reason to change the ‘British style of policing’.”Another Met officer who resigned this year wrote: “I was a PC in the Met for 11 years – I resigned as I couldn’t handle it anymore

He added: “In this instance he [Trump] isn’t wrong. Our political leaders are best either ill-informed or simply being disingenuous. UK Cop: ‘There Are Areas We Have To Ask Muslim Leaders’ Permission To Patrol’, – ‘Trump’s not wrong – we can’t wear uniform in our OWN cars’: Five police officers claim Donald Trump is RIGHT about parts of London being so ‘radicalised’ they are no-go areas

The Establishment is to blame for the rise of Trump and Le Pen. THE western political classes have been gripped by a frisson of synthetic outrage. Leo McKinstry

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7 years ago

Får man håpe Trump åpner for en lignende debatt i Vest-Europa.

Trump Polling Lead Surges After Anti-Muslim Comments


7 years ago

Danmarks Statistik fjerner tal om indvandrernes beskæftigelsesfrekvenser


7 years ago
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