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Hollændere og tjekker vil stemme om EU

Dominobrikkerne ramler

With Britons due to decide on June 23 whether to exit the EU or remain tied to Brussels, there are growing signs other voters across the continent are craving their own chance to leave the crisis-stricken union.

In a new opinion poll in the Netherlands, a majority of voters said they backed the country having its own in/out referendum on EU membership, similar to the UK vote.

And Czech Republic prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka has warned if Britons do decide to leave the EU, a ‘Czexit’ could follow.In the Dutch poll, more than half (53 per cent) supported an in/out vote with 44 per cent opposed and four per cent unsure. Falling like dominoes: Now Dutch wants own EU vote & Czechs say they might leave

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Jan Sjunnesson
6 years ago

Roger Sahlström and myself got to meet him, as well as Kent Ekeroth, Mona Walter, Bertil Malmberg and Stefan Ritter.


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