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Black Pigeon:I dag: Refugees welcome Angela? Italy strikes deal to begin migrant deportations to Germany. Merkel fortsætter uanfægtet sin krig mod det tyske folk. Murder by migration, murder by Merkel.

Ungarn bygger endnu et grænsehegn

Oran læser utvivlsomt Junckers forrykte udtalelser:

Hungary will build a new, ‘more massive’ fence on its southern borders to defend against a possible surge in the number of migrants, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.Orban, who earlier said migrants were ‘poison’, said on state radio that there may soon be a ‘greater need for security’ and the fortified barrier would be able to stop ‘several hundreds of thousands of people’ at the same time, if needed. He did not say when construction could start.

Building a more substantial barrier along the frontier with Serbia would be necessary if the agreement between Turkey and Brussels to clamp down on migration into Europe via the Balkans continues to unravel, the right-wing leader said.Hungary builds SECOND wall as PM warns thousands may come if Turkey migrant deal collapses, Hungary to build a second ‘massive’ wall to keep out migrants heading from Turkey

Australian MP: ‘Ban Muslim MENA Immigration’

Australierne er vel lidt mere praktiske og mindre sværmeriske. Jeg ved ikke, om det hjælper at Folketinget har studeret flygtningelejre på Nauru. Et eller andet kunne skræmme dem ud over 24 timers “Det er helt uacceptabelt.” Igår udtalte er herværende araber: Vi er kommet til Danmark for at dræbe. Hvor mange drab holder danske politikere mon til? I dag kan forslaget nok oprøre nogle naivister, om ti år er det sund fornuft, omend stærkt forsinket:

As reported by the Australian; this in the wake of a very messy murder of a Eurasian British backpacker, by an Allahu-akbaring French-passport-holding ethnically Arab Muslim, in a country town in Australia..

‘Independent MP Bob Katter, the grandson of a Lebanese migrant (that is, of a Lebanese Christian who came to Australia in the late 19th or very early 20th century, during the period when what is now Lebanon was ruled by the Ottoman Turkish Muslims – CM), has urged the Coalition government to impose a ban on Muslim immigration from the Middle East and North Africa.‘MP: Ban Muslim Middle East, North Africa Immigration’. (også i dag: Anti-Islam lawmaker Wilders calls for ban on Muslim migrants.)

Lidt mere af dagens “fredens religions vold mod kvinder”: Therese Larsson skulle hem – sparkades medvetslös, British teenage girl suffers broken nose and her friend taken to hospital after being attacked by ‘gang of French Muslims who tried to grope her’ in Spanish resort

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5 years ago

Koranens paragraf er soleklar; Drep alle de vantro! Og siden? Ikke en sten tilbake noe sted…

Anna Svensson
5 years ago

Sedan “fredens religion” har invaderat oss har allt gått käpprätt åt hel**e.

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