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“Vi er emotionelt inkontinente. Vestens sentimentalitet kan nu udløse en storkrig.”

Se Kasper Støvring: Hold nallerne fra Syrien og Weston i Bryssel 2007, da vi pubcrawlede første gang, knapt helt bevidste om, hvad vi var på vej ind i. Hvilket sansende menneske er ikke fristet af forhåndenværende bedøvelse? Retrospektivt tilgiver jeg måske vores Bryssel-brandert. – U.S., U.K. and France Launch Strikes Against Syria.

Madam Wallström, I’m leaving Sweden

Stefan Shaul Lindmark skriver på Times of Israel:

Madam Foreign Minister, now I am one of them – I, the son of a survivor from the Holocaust. I, who have lived all my life in Sweden and have served the country as a soldier, as an ambulance nurse, as a therapist and above all as, a lecturer of the Holocaust and its consequences. I have left a Sweden that is no longer the country I have known my whole life. Sweden, a country that has changed further over the years since I wrote to you – and the change is not for the better.

Madam Foreign Minister, I’m leaving Sweden where violence, gangs fight for territory, power and “respect”, shootings, rape and especially gang rapes have become the norm – my Sweden which is now a country where anti-Semitism is dramatically increasing even further, a country whose government suffers from at severe case of megalomania and believes itself to be morally superior to any other country in the entire world.

Mrs Foreign Minister, if my wife and I succeed in establishing ourselves here and when, or if, Israel welcomes you back here, you are welcome to our home. I will show you the real Israel – with its pros and cons – the Israel you do not know. Whatever you think, Madam Foreign Minister – Gam Zeh Yavor – this will pass too – and you will too, and we will live on, just as in we have done for 4000 years, and we will continue to celebrate the feast of Peasch, for freedom for generations after generation – and now in a free country. The country of the Jews. Our country.

Margot Wallström – “LeShana Haba’a Biroshalayim” – to next year in Jerusalem – the ancient Jewish city, the indivisible capital of Israel. Are you coming? Madam Foreign Minister! I’m here now.

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