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Katie Hopkins og Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff er i Finland: Finns were marching on Oulu city today. Muslim rape gang in Oulu targeting below 16 years old Finnish girls, and number of victims has currently grown to 20.(finsk) Se også Finsk polis grep utlänningar misstänkta för grov våldtäkt mot barn og Barnvåldtäkterna sprider sig till Helsingfors – invandrare gripna.

Bruce Bawer: Sveriges patologiske selvdestruktivitet

Those two appalling comments reflect a mentality – one that is shared, unfortunately, by a great many Swedes – that goes a long way toward explaining the breathtakingly self-destructive policies that, over the last few decades, have sent Sweden barreling down the road toward cultural self-annihilation.

Of course, other Western European countries are headed down the same road, but they aren’t moving quite so quickly and eagerly, and with such a fatuous, pathetic air of self-satisfaction, toward their grim fate. The difference lies entirely in that Swedish mentality. Even more than most other Western Europeans, Swedes, especially the self-consciously sophisticated urban elites, are possessed of a degree of self-abnegation that is nothing short of pathological [..]

Yes, more and more Swedes are snapping out of their dangerous collective delusion, and consequently the nationalist, Islam-critical Sweden Democrats – who in last September’s parliamentary elections won 17.5% of the vote, up from 2.9% in 2006, 5.7% in 2010, and 12.9% in 2014 – are now poised (if it’s not already too late) to have a real impact on immigration and integration policies. Even some members of the political establishment are rejecting the self-destructive mentality represented by the likes of Sahlin, Bergh, Bah, and Åberg. Last April, for instance, Linda Nordlund, a former head of the Liberal Party’s youth wing, criticized Bah for having said that in meetings with Sami representatives she is “always on the side of the indigenous peoples. Always.”

That, Nordlund argued, was the language not of a government minister but of an activist. In fact such rhetoric has for over a generation been the spécialité de la maison of virtually the entire Swedish political class, especially those, such as Sahlin and Bergh, who’ve been tasked with calling the shots on integration policy. Yet Nordlund’s very ability to distinguish between cabinet members and activists, and to publicly chide one of the former for behaving like one of the latter, is itself a sign of budding sanity and self-respect in a polity that has suffered for too long from a dangerous lack of both. CHECKING IN ON SWEDENOfficial self-abnegation is alive and well, but faces a growing pushback.

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3 years ago

Måske er det os feminiserede, overkloge og fredsommelige mænd, der er skyld i al ulykken.
Dem vil hverken de dumme eller kvinderne kendes ved.

Samuel af Ugglas
Samuel af Ugglas
3 years ago

Och kommunisten Sjöstedt har tagit det svenska folket som gisslan för sin draksådd med Löfvens hjälp!

Peter Buch
Peter Buch
3 years ago

Efter wikis udsagn var det ikke samerne der kom først: De første forfædre til nutidens svenskere ankom til Sverige for 12-13.000 år siden og bosatte sig først i Skåne-området. Den nyeste forskning tyder på flere forskellige veje til landet: Jæger-samlere fra Mellemøsten over Balkan, fra Centralasien via Sydeuropa, fra Centralasien lige vestpå, fra Sydøstasien via Sibirien samt stenalderagerdyrkere, som må være ankommet engang efter 4200 f.Kr.[120] Yderligere forskning tyder på, at etniske svenskere for størstedelens vedkommende (cirka 80 %) stammer fra jæger-samlerfolkene og i mindre grad (cirka 20 %) fra de senere tilkommende agerdyrkere.[121] Samerne har status som oprindeligt folk… Read more »

Allan Hansen
Allan Hansen
3 years ago

Bruce Bawer: While Europe slept: How radical islam is destroying The West from within
2006. Kan anbefales

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