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Hvorfor nu spolere den gode stemning med, hvad der står i Koranen og som i varierende grader præger dem der abonnerer på den ? Dialogfætrene kommer ud fra møde og er undvigende. Men det der presser sig på fra det hollandske folk via Wilders er: Bliv hollænder og opfør dig ordenltigt eller skrub af ! Det lader sig ikke snakke bort.

Jan 2010: A variety of religious luminaries met in Utrecht to declare their support for an official multi-religious Dutch state that includes Islam.In the presence of Queen Beatrix, twenty-three religious organizations — of which thirteen were Islamic — signed a declaration confirming tolerance, respect and equality for all people. In his speech, Christian Democrat Minister of Justice Hirsh Ballin hailed the golden era of Al-Andalus and pleaded for a closer alliance of Church and State.In the video  the Jewish-Christian Pastor Ben Kok questions Muslims who signed the declaration. Allah, the Netherlands, and the House of Orange. I Malmø falder ikke-angrebspagterne over hinandens ben: Det interreligiösa råd / Forum för interreligiös samverkan og Dialogforum.Don´t mention the…………”

Servicemeddelelse til  svenske besøgere

Vi kan se på Bloggtoppen.se at der er mange, og I er velkomne allesammen. Der  har altid været en del, men aldrig så mange som nu. Derfor er det nyttigt for jer at vide lidt om vores “blogpolitik”. Man kan i det store hele ikke holde sig orienteret dansk opinion og danske hoved-historier, som er online på de store omnibusaviser her. Vores læsere er så velorienterede at vi er nødt til at forudsætte det stof bekendt, og desuden ville det fylde alt for meget. Vi bringer altså hovedsageligt fra mindre danske aviser, og fra de større næsten kun når det er stof, der ikke ligger online, men mest og helst fra helt andre kilder. Der er altså en del, man ikke støder på her, men som er værd at læse, for eksempel fra JP Blogs. Heldigvis lykkes det os at lave noget egenproduktion ind imellem selvom det kniber med tiden, og det er også langt det interessanteste for alle parter.

EU sponsorerer pali-arabisk antisemitisme

A British taxpayer watchdog group unveiled two reports on Monday detailing the role of European foreign aid in the transmission of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic narratives in Palestinian Authority schools and media in Jerusalem. The reports, “Palestinian Hate Education Since Annapolis” and “Funding Hate Education,” detail what the Taxpayers’ Alliance refers to as a campaign of “demonizing Israel” largely funded by European taxpayers, a policy it says diminishes long-term hopes for peace. […]

Matthew Sinclair, research director for the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said at a press briefing in Jerusalem, held with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, that in Palestinian society, “we’re looking at a population where 42 percent are under the age of 15. You have a huge younger generation whose views are going to shape the situation for a long time. […]

“It’s rare we see it [foreign aid] doing as much harm to the British taxpayers as we do in this case,” he said. ‘EU aid funds PA incitement’

“Britain’s underworld belongs to the Muslims”

Nation building i Afghanistan, afmontering på hjemmefronten:

IN traditional Islamic headgear, Asian ex-gang member Amir poses with his sword and issues the stark warning: “Britain’s underworld belongs to the Muslims. “The 21-year-old, whose organisation turned over thousands of pounds a day from drug-dealing and credit card scams, claims a post-9/11 fear of terrorism has allowed Muslims to develop a stranglehold on our criminal community.Through Islam, he says, they have numbers which cannot be matched, and rival gangs are being forced out by ruthless Islamic criminals who only deal with each other.

They recruit black and white members in Britain’s jails, tempting them to convert to Islam in exchange for a cushier life inside.Once released, the converted cons have access to an entirely new network of Muslim criminal contacts – and are trusted because they pray to Allah. “Muslims have this country under control. Nobody can touch us.”

Postkort fra Sverige

Gates of Viennas svenske korrespondent, som vi kender som en trofast ven, har valgt at udtrykke sig på engelsk om svensk journalistik. Vi tilføjer bare  et helt frisk citat fra Journalistforbundets forkvinde samt et foto fra arkivet fra dengang vores snail mail bestod af andet end rudekuverter:

Det snart 100-åriga systemet med Pressens samarbetsnämnd och Spelreglerna har betytt mycket för att Sverige i dag har den jämförelsevis pålitligaste journalistiken i världen. Agneta Lindblom Hulthén ordförande, Journalistförbundet.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has compiled a report on the state of the journalistic art in today’s Sweden, with special attention given to the journalistic endeavors of Andreas Malm.

Low-water marks over Europe
by LN

Do you think something is skewed in Europe? With the state of Greece? With the states of Portugal and Spain? With the Baltic states? The self-made Greek economic difficulties are by now of worldwide fame. Greece has even been referred to as behaving like a “banana-republic/monarchy”. The economies of the other states mentioned are not very much better.

But that is not enough! Other states of the European Union are also — but from other points of view — skewed or even, using a qualifying Shakespearean word, rotten. For example, the banana-monarchy of Sweden. Probably there is no other Western state where journalism has reached, in both the direct and the figurative sense of the word, such an extreme state of baseness.

In Sweden the majority of journalists suffer from an insurmountable fear of reporting the political truth to their readers. Swedish journalists despise their readers, who are neither supposed to be able to, nor should be allowed to form an opinion of their own. If not deprived of the truth, Swedish readers must be educated, and, like toddlers, told what to think and how to behave. The job of Swedish journalists of the predominant Politically Correct, cultural Marxist, Islam-apologist species is not to report truthfully, but to interpret and to propagate the authoritative truths of the proper socio-liberal/communistic political opinion — and to conceal from the public anything awkwardly Politically un-Correct.

The people’s republics of eastern Europe, not forgetting the German Democratic Republic (DDR), were physically closed down in 1989. However the left-wing radical body of Swedish journalists — in their hearts, consciously or unconsciously, great fans of the DDR ‘Socialist Unity Party’ and the Stasi — decided to carry on the proud commie tradition. (By the way — the chairman of the Swedish Journalists’ Club [Publicistklubben] is a former KGB spy.)

According to the Association of Swedish Journalists (Svenska Journalistförbundet), 70% of the members give their votes to the Social Democrats, whose leader is Mona Sahlin, or the Left party, whose leader, Lars Ohly, is a pronounced crypto-communist.

Nor are the broadcasting or so-called “public service media” — Swedish Radio and Swedish Television — very interested in forwarding any awkward and uncomfortable truths, only the Politically Correct versions. Journalists of the true stamp also work there, of course. And management superintends them, so that the self-censoring conformist codex is faithfully followed.

A not atypical representative of the Swedish body of journalists is Andreas Malm, born in 1977.

Since 2005 he has belonged to the editorial staff of Dagens Nyheter Kultur. He does not seem to like very much the fact that (the major) part of his readership does not wholly agree with him. To him, having different views automatically makes one an Islamophobe or a Nazi.

During the 2006 Lebanon War, Andreas Malm declared himself a big friend of Hezbollah and Hamas, and, as you will see, he has detected a widespread and undeserved Islamophobia to be found in Europe, and this is also gaining acceptance in Sweden. He wrote a book on this theme in 2009.

He has temporarily left his career as a journalist to begin studying for a doctorate in climatology at the University of Lund. He is of the sound but anti-Arab opinion that humanity totally must wipe out any dependence of fossil fuels.

The Gates of Vienna reference to the German translation of Fjordman’s book Defeating Eurabia gave topical interest to the following (now quite famous) “journalistic” piece by Andreas Malm, which was published in Dagens Nyheter (The New York Times of Sweden) on February 11th, 2008:

Reveille for the fearful

fortsætter med Andreas Malm på GoV: Low-Water Marks Over Europe

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11 years ago

“Servicemeddelelse til svenske besøgere”

Tack för informationen och en bra blog!

P.S. En svensk tiger inte mer.

11 years ago

“He has temporarily left his career as a journalist to begin studying for a doctorate in climatology at the University of Lund. ”

Lyder lidt som en rotte der forlader den synkende skude, for tage hyre på en anden. Klimatologi var sikkert smart for et par år siden, i dag er gassen gået af ballonen. Jeg så for nyligt et seriøst forslag om at IPCC skulle nedlægges. Nedlæg FN ved samme lejlighed. Sic gloria transit mundo, pardon my french.

11 years ago

I Somalia får somaliske kvinder pisk når de går med BH. Islamiske militser stopper somaliske kvinder, og beder dem ryste deres bryster. Og hvis brysterne ikke dasker nok rundt fra side til side, så må det skyldes at vedkommende bærer BH og derfor skal have pisk som straf til de somaliske rettro mænds slet skjulte sadistiske nydelse. Hvor er de islamiske somaliere farisæisk dobbeltmoralske. Og i Sharia-ideal-staten Malaysia er tre [ugifte] kvinder blevet pisket for at have dyrket sex før ægteskabet. http://jp.dk/udland/asien/article1982808.ece Det kan blive levevilkårene i Danmark i fremtiden hvis Danerne ikke holder islamiseringen væk. Jeg ved så ikke… Read more »

Niels Hansen
Niels Hansen
11 years ago
Reply to  HelgeD-H

Tjah noget tyder da på at de nævnte kvinder tænder på prygl og dominans

11 years ago

I har – så vidt jeg husker – ikke krevet noget om bandeoverfaldene på skoler i Paris. Så jeg linker lige til historien.



På fransk:


11 years ago
Reply to  Victor

@Victor. Nej ikkke set endnu, men det er kun en uge siden, der var lignende skoleterror i Sverige. Lehrer streiken für Sicherheit an Schulen in Paris French school student dies in violent knife attack Bloody school attacks stoke fear in France Paris – The French government came under pressure on Tuesday to curb violence in schools after a 17-year-old boy was slashed with a knife and beaten with baseball bats by a gang during a sports class. The attack on Monday at a gymnasium in Thiais, a poor suburb of Paris, was the third such bloody incident in a French… Read more »

11 years ago

Påfaldende hvordan de alle som en vægrer sig ved de konkrete spørgsmål vedrørende islams apartheid-lignende opdeling i muslimer og ikke-muslimer, og hvordan det aldrig kan stemme overens med lighed mellem mennesker.
De adspurgte muslimer er glatte som ål, når de bliver konfronteret med dette, og de adspurgte ikke-muslimer har ikke læst koranen. Ak ja.

11 years ago
Reply to  LFPC

Deadline forleden havde somalierne oppe d. 15.2 Der var ikke et ord om, at historien er den samme med somaliere i Sverige, Norge, Canada, England Tyskland, USA osv. For få år siden kaldte en dansk socialrådgiver dem uintegrebare. Og nej, det gælder naturligvis ikke alle. Den indkaldte apologet hed Naja Kleist. De lilla stabler er kvinder.

Crass Børsting
Crass Børsting
11 years ago

Hyggelig fyr, ham Mohyeldeen Mohammad. Ifølge en anden avisartikel er han studerende i Medina, Saudi Arabien. Hvad med at sende ham tilbage til studierne og Wahhabismens hjemland – for good and ever?

11 years ago

Larvik – nu med dødstrusler fra Islam-studerende:


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