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Det er ikke kun Hollywood, der har idétørke. Når velfærdsstatens kunstnere endelig får nogle ideer selv, er de ikke sjældent nøjagtigt de samme, som mange andre kontroversielle, non-konforme kunstnere kunstnere får: Breivik møder tilfældigt Wilders på Heathrow i 2010, “hvad har de til fælles?” Hårfarven? Skizofrenien? Gæt, se stykkerne eller vent til filmene kommer.

“This is a fictional encounter between Geert Wilders and Anders Behring Breivik,” Olivier Willemsen, spokesman for the cultural centre “Die Balie” told AFP. “Behring Breivik asks Wilders the big question: ‘How far are you willing to go for your ideas?'” Willemsen said of the play, which will premiere on March 22nd and run twice on March 25th. In the work by Dutch playwright Theodor Holman, Wilders and Behring Breivik have a chance encounter at Heathrow airport after the British screening of Wilders’ real-life anti-Islam film “Fitna”.Norway killer and Dutch MP in fictional meeting Breivik møder Wilders på scenen (hollandsk).

Alfa og omega er et dårligt rygte

Rykteflommen styrer hvilke land asylsøkerne reiser til. Mens litt over 9000 asylsøkere kom til Norge i fjor, kom hele 30.000 til Sverige. – “Svensker har rykte for å være mer sjenerøse. Jeg tror nok det er en effekt av de innstrammingene som har vært gjort. Det er et rykte som sprer seg,” sier generalsekretær Ann-Magrit Austenå til VG Nett. Hun forklarer at informasjon om hvor sjansen er størst for å få opphold sprer seg fra hånd til munn gjennom menneskesmuglernettverk, klaner og slektninger. Austenå konkluderer med at regjeringen med innstrammingene har lykkes i å skape et inntrykk blant asylsøkere av at det er vanskeligere å få opphold i Norge enn i Sverige. – “De har hatt en annen debatt og en annen holdning i forhold til det å ta i mot og andre begrep. De har hele tiden om medborgerskap, de snakker ikke om at man skal bli svensk, men medborger i Sverige. Det gir rom for større mangfold.”

Sverige: I flere tiår har Sverige vært det nordiske landet som har mottatt flest asylsøkere. Slik var det også i 2011. Selv med en nedgang på sju prosent, mottok de nær 30 000 søknader om asyl. Det betyr at Sverige alene mottak flere asylsøkere enn de andre nordiske landene til sammen. Derfor reiser asylsøkerne til Sverige: Norge har dårlig rykte.

Germany’s 3rd biggest newspaper:

Sweden ignores its growing anti-Semitism problem

Af Nicolai Sennels

Where there are Muslims, there is Islam. Where there is Islam, there is Sharia. Where there is Sharia, there is anti-Semitism. In Sweden, there are a lot of Muslims. Die Welt is absolutely right about the way the Swedes turn their politically correct eye away from how their immigration policy is leading to increasing Nazi-style anti-Semitism. I have written extensively about Sweden recently: “The Free Press Societies: Interview with Swedish Chairman Ingrid Carlqvist and International Chairman Lars Hedegaard”, “Sweden: Launching the Swedish Free Press Society under police protection”, “Swedish specialty: Pink pixellation of dark-skinned criminals and pixellated anonymization of wanted criminals”, “Sweden: Violent Muslims halt mail delivery in Malmø” and “Sweden: Government will spend $620,000 on protecting Jews“.

Translated from German, Welt Online, February 2: Malmö verdrängt sein neues Antisemitismus-Problem

Anti-Semitism in the third-largest city in Sweden is increasing, especially among Muslim immigrants. But whoever dares to criticize this fact is compared with the mass murderer Breivik.
When the 15-year-old Samir Ardiwan Malmo was buried in southern Sweden last month, hundreds of people followed the coffin in a procession through the city center, in a public manifestation of grief at the violence.

Ardiwan was shot in the district Rosengård, an area just minutes away from downtown, which is considered the worst ghetto in Scandinavia. The police has not found neither the killers nor any motive, but the murder is one of two within a short time in the city. This has led to an intense debate in Sweden about violence and crime.

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, full of creativity and energy, with an intense nightlife. But it has also become more dangerous for its residents. Serious types of crimes are sometimes more frequent in Malmö than in Stockholm (Sweden’s capital), particularly when it comes to robberies.

People in Malmö are also more concerned about crime than people in Stockholm, and not only for their own safety. Already in 2009, 30 percent of residents in Stockholm had said they were afraid that their loved ones could become victims of crime — in Malmö, it was 45 percent.

Increase in hate crimes against Jews

A few days after the funeral of Ardiwans, another much smaller procession marched through the streets of Malmö: the so-called Kippa-walk, organized by the Jewish community. After the Sabbath service on Saturday morning, the community members met and went through the city — with kippas on their heads and visible stars of David on their jackets.

The Jews in Malmö want to show that they cannot be intimidated, despite the increase in crimes that were committed out of hatred against Jews in the recent years.

The American Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a delegation to Malmö last year, after it became aware that Jewish families were leaving the town because of the increasing anti-Semitism. Founded by the Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal, the Center has issued a travel warning, warning Jews against visiting the south of Sweden, telling them to exercise “extreme vigilance”.

Anti-Semitism comes from Muslim immigrants

Representatives of the Jewish community in Malmö declare that hatred does not primarily come from right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis, but from immigrants from Muslim countries. It is a kind of anti-Semitism that followed them to Malmö – and this is why it is obviously difficult for Swedish politicians and journalists to express an opinion.

In this respect, the debate in Sweden is different from those in neighboring countries such as Norway or Denmark. In Sweden, questions about integration remains unanswered, since people want to remain politically correct. This is how it was before the mass murder in Oslo on 22 July, and it has remained so even after that.

The ‘discussion’ is often bizarre. Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet recently compared critics of political correctness in the debate on integration with the mass murderer of Oslo: The critics had made Behring Breivik’s idea of ​​a conspiracy of political correctness their own. Aftonbladet’s article was a low point in the Swedish debate.

Integration policy of the City has failed

Individually, the recent murders in Malmö and the attacks on the city’s Jews have nothing to do with each other. Both show clearly that the level of culture in the Sweden’s third largest city has decreased. They are also a sign that the integration policy has failed in the city.

But while the Malmö residents are greatly concerned, politicians and journalists often lack words. Populists have benefited from this silence. The Sweden Democrats (SD), a party with roots in the Swedish neo-Nazi movement [This is a false claim — RS], gained 10.4 percent of votes, making it the third largest party in Malmö.

In areas such as Rosengård, where the 15-year-old Ardiwan was shot, the situation is alarming. The district, whose name means “rose garden”, where the apartment buildings are surrounded by green areas and soccer fields, was once a monument of the Swedish welfare state. It has become a symbol of the ghetto.

Now, the fire brigade and ambulances do not drive into Rosengård without police escorts, as employees were regularly subjected to violence and stone-throwing. Recently, I attended a Jewish funeral in the area. The men were warned when they left the cemetery to take off their skullcaps. “Do not forget that we are in Rosengård” was the simple explanation.

Catastrophic unemployment among migrants

In the district Seved the situation is similar. The majority of the population are immigrants, and less than half of adults have a job. Youth gangs control parts of the region, and drugs are openly traded. Now the employees of the Swedish Postal Service refuse to deliver letters in Seved – the threats and violence are making it too dangerous.

Official Sweden reacts in a way that is typical when it comes to questions concerning the failed integration: District Mayor Anders Malmquist said he was satisfied with the situation – they pay unemployed youths from the area to deliver the letters. In this way young adults can get insight into work as postmen.

Unemployment in Seved and Rosengård has reached catastrophic proportions. Most of the immigrants in Sweden have found shelter on humanitarian grounds, and it takes seven years on average before they find a job. For some groups, the numbers are even more dramatic: Only 35 percent of Somalis have found a job after living ten years in Sweden.

Thanks to tax cuts and deregulation of the Swedish civil government, there were created 200,000 new jobs. However, 450,000 full-time jobs are still needed, and another 100,000 immigrants receive a residence permit in Sweden each year.

Local media conceal the problems of anti-Semitism

In strongly segregated Stockholm, the problems of integration are not as visible for the members of the upper and middle classes as they are in Malmö. Whoever wants to visit an area that is characterized by unemployment and crime must take the subway to the periphery of the city. The political circles of the capital are currently talking with special contempt about provincial southern Sweden, which talks constantly about the problems of failed integration.

Frederick Sieradzki is a Jew from Malmö and one of the initiators of the kippa-walk. After a small protest march through the city, he was talking about how the local media ignores violence and threats against Jews in Malmö. “You do not write that it is Muslims who are behind it. I just think it has to do with the fact that the Jewish community is so much smaller than the Muslim,” says Sieradzki.

“It’s only a minority of Muslims who threaten us, but still you need to talk about it.”His latest kippa-walk gathered about 20 people. Among them was only one non-Jew, a Swedish journalist who wanted to show his solidarity.

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9 years ago

1.027 anmeldte voldtægter i Norge i 2011 og kun 120 mænd stillet for retten (kilde: NRK. teksttv 15/2 2012). En stigning på 16,6%.
Og en befolkning der snart runder de 5 millioner, grundet indvandring.
Så fjeldaberne gør deres for at hale ind på de langhårede alkoholikere. Men de har jo også oliepengene til at gøre det med (endnu da). Problemet er jo så lige det, at de ikke har politistyrken til at tackle denne invasion. Men igen hvem har det, endsige den militære styrke til det.

Peter Andersen
9 years ago

Nå så VG mener det er godt for Sverige at asylsøgerne kommer dér – og ærgerligt for Norge, at deres rygte begrænser tilstrømningen?!!!

Deres egen ekspert Ann-Magrit Austenå siger jo ellers selv det skyldes, at div. menneskesmugler-netværk og klaner har hørt jungletrommerne!!!

Menneskesmugler-netværk og klaner!!!

I guder! Hvor langt oppe i rø… har VG’s journalister mon deres hoveder?!!!

Ole Burde
Ole Burde
9 years ago

Det med Gert Wilders må være en god lejlighed til at minde om hvor fantastisk mange ting Wilders har fået GJORT , hvor mange praktiske detaljer af den hollandske virkelighed han har fået trumfet igennem på trods af de stærkt modvillige koalitionspartnere . Hvis vi ikke hører såmeget fra ham på forsiderne , så er det udelukkende fordi han har vigtigere ting at tage sig til end mediesnak .
Måske engang i fremtiden han vil få en langt vigtigere rolle at spille….

Gert for President !

jimmy brian jensen
jimmy brian jensen
9 years ago

Haha “Brevik møder Pia”
disse frelste “kunstner” kunne sikkert ikke finde på at lade “Ole Sohn møde Kim Jong Il”
dette ville sikkert forstyrre deres frelste verdensbillede

9 years ago

Nej, vi vil aldrig komme til at opleve et teaterstykke, der dramatiserer Ole Sohn’s møde med EricH Honnecker i de skæbnesvangre dage under fejringerne af DDR’s 40 års jubilæum. Samtidig med Europa’s top-kommunister fejrede jubilæet i ‘Folkets Palads’ i kunne de fra Berlins gader høre råbet “Wir sind das volk”, og nogle uger senere var DDR færdig. Hvis jeg var skuespil-forfatter ville jeg da ellers mene, at det kunne være utroligt interessant at skrive et stykke drame om netop de verdenshistoriskedage, hvor der var en Dansker (Ole Sohn) meget tæt på de centrale begivenheder samt ikek mindst hovedpersonerne i dramaet… Read more »

9 years ago

“Breivik møder tilfældigt Wilders”. Den måtte jo komme. Det har virkelig undret mig hvor længe det tog det Europæiske kulturliv at kapitalisere på Breiviks sindsyge handling. Mon ikke der findes et eller andet teater i København som snart spiller et stykke om da Pia Kjærsgård mødte Breivik. Jeg kan næsten ikke forstille mig andet.

9 years ago


Månadens nyhet: En av världens främsta, tungt prisbelönade journalister – expert på Sverigedemokraternas hat och främlingsrädsla – har värvats från Sydsvenskan till Expressen.

”– Det är jättetråkigt. Niklas journalistik har betytt jättemycket för Sydsvenskan, säger Sydsvenskans chefredaktör Daniel Sandström.”


”Niklas Orrenius , som skrivit tre böcker, har under flera års tid fått stor uppmärksamhet för sin omfattande bevakning av främlingsfientlighet och intolerans. Sedan 1997 har han varit anställd som politisk reporter på Sydsvenskan. Just nu är han aktuell med nya boken ´Sverige forever in my heart – reportage om rädsla, tolerans och migration´.”


9 years ago

Det skuespil lyder da som en fantastisk god idé. De kan rigtig få vendt problemerne og de mulige løsninger, modsætninger, retsfilosofi, moral, etik … genialt. Hvis jeg bare måtte skrive Wilders del af dialogen. Men det må jeg nok ikke.
Jeg har det: Sådan en samtalebog, hvor Wilders (eller Fjordman) besøger Breivik i cellen og påtager sig at forklare ham, præcis hvor han gik galt i byen. Men hvis manden, altså Breivik, er sindssyg, er det jo en helt anden sag.

9 years ago

Uha uha…Fiktion , Breivik møder Wilders i Heathrow Lufhavn.
Fiktion, men mon ikke der om nogle måneder vil være indlæg fra journalister og
læserbreve om dette møde?

Hvad med Stalin og Hitler holdt sommerferie sammen gennem hele krigen?

9 years ago

Når de gode mennesker nu en gang er så glade for fiktiv socialrealisme (Allah forbyde, at det skulle være den virkelige af slagsen), så burde følgende forslag jo nok være nogenlunde brugbare: En mindreårig hvid pige bliver gruppevoldtaget og mishandlet af en flok muslimer. Hvoeefter hun senere begår selvmord. I deres (drømme)verdensopfattelse ville det selvfølgelig blive til en mindreårig muslimsk pige, der bliver gruppevoldtaget af en flok nynazister (læs; ALLE os onde omnixenofobiske nazionalister) og får skåret/snittet/ridset adskillige hagekors ind i sig. Hvorefter hun senere begår selvmord. Eller hvor et muslimsk bøssepar bliver overfaldet af nogle rabiate katolske homofober, hvor… Read more »

T. Snorrason
T. Snorrason
9 years ago

Er det ikke på tide at ophøre med at bruge begrebet “ghetto” om de muslimsk dominerede enklaver, som muslimerne selv dannner fuldt bevidst i deres koloniseringsprojekter. Læs evt. Trojan Horse. Ghettoen og begrebet er mig bekendt bragt til Vesteuropa af de khazahriske jøder, der levede omkring Krim. Her betegnede det de palisadeomkransede bopladser og feltlejre, som benyttedes på de store vidder og stepper for at undgå pludselige overfald fra andre stammer og rytterfolk. Ikke steder, som disse østjøder blev presset sammen i af det omliggende bysamfund, men en bevidst forsvarstrategi blandt nomadiske steppefolk. I stedet for ghetto ville et udtryk… Read more »

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