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“My government will bring forward a bill that further reforms Britain’s immigration system. The bill will ensure that this country attracts people who will contribute and deters those who will not,” Queen Elizabeth said in a statement prepared by the government. According to British media, benefits, housing and healthcare will be limited to new arrivals who are willing to work and pay taxes to fund state-backed support, says the speech, which the Queen traditionally gives on behalf of the government. Non-British EU citizens will be restricted to six-months job seekers allowance if made unemployed and new responsibilities will be put before EU member states if their citizens use the National Health Service.

We have been very clear that we totally get that there’s a heightened level of public anxiety about immigration,” said deputy PM and leader of the Lib-Dems, Nick Clegg. Queen’s Speech announces new curbs on EU citizens’ benefit rights, In an attempt to counter discontent in the UK at the amount of immigrants from Poland and elsewhere in the EU, the British government has announced new plans to restrict welfare benefits. IMMIGRATION ONE OF THE BIGGEST ISSUES FACING UK SAYS POLL.

“Mærk verden og væn jer til polygami”

Og illegale indvandrere. I Italien er de mere progressive end Centern og de Radikale luskefise. Der er mere schwung over katolikkerne og en congolesisk gatechrasher:

The new integration minister in the Italian government, born to a polygamous father, plans to establish polygamy in Italy. Cécile Kyenge, Minister for Integration in the new Italian governement, who admits having been an illegal immigrant in Italy when she first arrived, has stirred up controversy in Italy by saying she wants to suppress the notion of illegal immigration in Italy.

Born into a family with 38 children from the father’s four wives, which however was Catholic, the minister declared that the church would have to learn to adapt to the world:

“Growing up with so many brothers and sisters gave me the impression of living in a community. That facilitates relations with the rest of society, outside of the family,” she declared to a television station in the peninsula.Italian Integration Minister: “Polygamy Promotes Social Relations”, MP: Will Kyenge introduce polygamy in Italy?

Da pengene forsvandt, forsvandt romaernes behov for asyl

Hvis man lade være med at udbetale store pengebeløb til asylansøgere har det en øjeblikkelig virkning. I hvert fald på dem, der søger asyl rent proforma. I hele april måned modtog Danmark kun 16 asylansøgninger fra serbiske romaer mod 76 i måneden før.

Metoden til at få de serbiske romaer til at blive væk har været ret enkel. Pengekassen blev smækket i. I stedet for penge til mad fik de kantinemad. Desuden blev lommepengene blev afskaffet. Det betød, at en serbisk romafamilie med to børn på et asylcenter uden madordning fra den ene dag til den anden mistede en månedlig udbetaling på 8.528 kroner. Det fremgår af en opgørelse fra Udlændingestyrelsen. DKA (Sverige: 463 asylsøgende fra Serbien 2013.)

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10 years ago

Lidt radiosatire fra DR om danske og svenske reaktioner ang. “Mustafas Kiosk” 😀


Fra 3:00

A: “Hvem er nu vrede på os? – Er det egypterne? Syrerne … ? ”

B: “Svenskerne!” 😉

Jørgen Duus
Jørgen Duus
10 years ago

Jeg savner Berlusconi.

Svend Andersen
Svend Andersen
10 years ago

Mario Borghezio, MEP for Lega Nord, om Cecile Kyenge:

“This is a bonga bonga government, they want to change birthright citizenship laws and Kyenge wants to impose her tribal traditions from the Congo”
“You can’t say the word ‘nigger’ in Italy, only think it. Pretty soon you won’t even be able to say illegal immigrant – you’ll have to say ‘your excellence’.
“She seems like a great housekeeper, but not a government minister”.


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