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Van Gogh 2.11.2014, I 048

Billedet er taget på Christiansborg den 2 november 2014. (klik f. helskærm) Daniel Pipes analyserer Sverigedemokraternes succes i Washington Times.

Unrestrained immigration has triggered an instinct for self-preservation

This heritage has also inspired an intolerance of dissent, however; “Be quiet, follow the consensus, let the bureaucrats carry it out.” The country has become so notorious for its stifling faux-unanimity that I actually heard a Dane recently ask at a public forum, “Why has Sweden turned into the North Korea of Scandinavia?” [..]

Also, Sweden’s history creates a no-crisis mentality that militates against the hard-headed, flexible responses needed to cope with current problems the country now faces, especially those connected to waves of mainly Muslim immigrants. As one interlocutor put it to me in Stockholm earlier this month, “Past success has led to current failure.” For example, security in Sweden is well below what might find in a country like Bolivia, with few inclinations to make improvements, rendering Islamist violence all but inevitable.

With good reason, the establishment hates and fears the SD, pedantically finding any possible fault with the party, starting with its neo-fascist past (though fascist connections are not unique to SD) and going on to the tiniest foibles of its leadership.

Supporting SD remains taboo. A law enforcement officer recounted to me how his police commissioner tweeted about “vomiting” on learning of SD’s 2014 electoral success; so, while none of his colleagues acknowledge supporting the party, he estimates that 50 percent of them vote for it.

No less important, I learned in Stockholm, the intellectual and political climate has shifted. Journalists, policy specialists and politicians all noted that ideas outside the mainstream just a year ago now receive a hearing. For example, four major newspapers have questioned the consensus in favor of high immigration. Beside the surging SD vote, this shift results from several other factors: the shocking rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has altered the debate; continued upset at the December compact that excluded the SD from having its due parliamentary influence; and the receding memory of Anders Behring Breivik’s 2011 murderous rampage in Norway.

In all, it appears that denial and censorship can only continue for so long before the instinct of self-preservation kicks in. The Western country most prone to national suicide is possibly waking up from its stupor. If this change can take place in Sweden, the “North Korea of Scandinavia,” it can, and likely will, occur anywhere in Europe.

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Søren Petersen
Søren Petersen
6 years ago

ha! og det endda publiceret i den liberale/venstreorienterede Washington Post. Hvor må det være pinligt for svenskerne at læse om sig selv! – helt fantastisk artikel i betragtning af avisens tilhørsforhold men også avisens store læserkreds… Det er efterhånden sådan at hele verden kan se hvor surrealistisk det kører i Sverige, undtagen Sveriges egen elite, herunder medier, journalister osv. Nu er der jo så desværre sket det, at alle lande, også DK, meget let kan ende som Sverige qua folkevandringen/invasionen. Regeringen og DF er til grin. DF har nogle fornuftige meninger langt hen ad vejen, men de tør ikke højlydt… Read more »

Steffen Richter Nielsen
Steffen Richter Nielsen
6 years ago

Daniel Pipes har skrevet i Washington Times, ikke i Washington Post.
Det havde været sensationelt, hvis artikelen var blevet publiceret i den venstreorienterede avis Washington Post, men det er ikke tilfældet.
Washington Times har en helt anden orientering end Washington Post. Den er ejet af Moon bevægelsen.

6 years ago

Herre jemini, har Moonies en tidning!
Man har jo läst ibland om denna rörelse, massbryllop och rigid toppstyrning.
Kanske värt att ta en koll på den tidningen 😉

6 years ago

Sweden, the “North Korea of Scandinavia,”…
Hur långt ut på grenen kan de politisk korrekte egentligen gå, innan hela skocken brakar mot marken?
Att det knakar i trädverket, kan väl ingen ha överhört och med tanke på den nivån de politisk korrekta har placerat sig på i samhällsträdet, lär fallet mot marken och verkligheten bli mycket våldsamt.

6 years ago
Reply to  Armadillo

Har inte en aning. Men jag skulle inte ha något emot att stå och titta på när de faller handlöst ner till marken.

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