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91-årig voldtaget til døde i Paris

Denn anholdte er pakistaner. Fra Le Figaro À Paris, une femme de 91 ans meurt après avoir été violentée pendant son cambriolage og Le Parisien: Une dame de 91 ans succombe à ses blessures après avoir été violentée par un cambrioleur.

In Paris, a 91-year-old woman dies after being raped during a burglary. An elderly woman reportedly suffered extreme violence including rape, according to a police source, before succumbing to her wounds. A suspect was arrested Tuesday.

In his odious crime, the executioner spared his victim nothing, however fragile she was. On Friday June 11 a 91-year-old woman died following a sordid break-in, Le Parisien reports. A suspect has been arrested, and the investigation is still in progress.

On June 10, ne of her acquaintances, upon coming to pay her a visit, discovered the victim in her apartment near Place d’Italie (13th arrondissement), her body showing signs of the attacks, but still alive. Transported to Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital and placed on an artificial respirator, she succumbed to her injuries the next day.

Among her observed wounds were cranial trauma, several fractures and hematomas, and also signs of rape, according to a police source. An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor’s office and assigned to the 3rd district of the Judicial Police (3e DPJ) for rape leading to the death and burglary, “At this stage of the investigation the exact nature of the violence committed cannot be determined,” the prosecutor cautioned.

At the residence police established some facts and gathered clues: The attack is believed to have occurred between 4 and 7 in the morning, without anyone hearing. On Tuesday 15 June, a homeless man of about 20 years of age was arrested at Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise). According to a police source close to Figaro, it is reportedly an individual of Pakistani origin. His fingerprints match those discovered in the victim’s apartment. The man is known to the police under several aliases, “changes his date of birth often”. The analyses are in progress for involvement in a possible rape, and it is not yet known how the burglar got into the apartment.

The apartment on the ground floor was far from being isolated, and Berthe herself led a calm life still rich in interactions: between the home aides and nurses, she received up to five people each day. “She was a small lady who could only move about with her walker. In the evening, one of the persons came to her to help her out of her wheelchair. Physically, it wasn’t that good. But mentally she was all there,” reports a witness quoted by Le Parisien, while a neighbor adds that she was known for her generosity:

“She had her heart in her hand, willingly gave a small room to people who needed it. It is disgusting what happened to her.” This woman had a daughter.

GoV 91-Year-Old Woman Raped to Death by Culture-Enricher

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Den Nervøse
Den Nervøse
5 months ago

I Aalborg tiltvang en Iraner og en Iraker sig adgang til en ung mands lejlighed og slog manden i gulvet, de ledte efter en kvinde, som ikke var i lejligheden, og som den unge mand ikke anede hvem var! Så man behøver ikke tage til Paris for at opleve indvandringens vanvid!

5 months ago

Hvad fanden foregår der i hovedet på den slags mennesker?

5 months ago
Reply to  Santor


Indavl af lavt IQ.

Niels Henriksen
Niels Henriksen
5 months ago

Ja, farvel med dig Stefan – du har ødelagt Sverige mere end rigeligt på 7 år 🙄 😂


Niels Henriksen
Niels Henriksen
5 months ago

Här försöker maskerade män stoppa SVT:s reportrar på Norrby

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