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I samarbejde med statistikeren Max Schmeling har psykologen Daniel Vetö udgivet en rapport med analyser af udviklingen i myocarditis for yngre aldersgrupper i Danmark.

I rapportens konklusion kan man bl.a. læse: “Vi ser statistisk signifikante stigninger for begge køn i aldersgrupperne 16-20 år og 21-25 år. Ligesom vi ser det for drenge i aldersgruppen 11-15 år. Der ses ingen signifikante stigninger for andre aldersgrupper. Disse stigninger sker i samme tidsrum, som vaccinationskampagnen mod covid-19

Rapporten: Udvikling i Myocarditis for yngre aldersgrupper, pfd 8 sider dkdox.tv. Se også Following the Science? – 159 Children dead, 1.2k disabled, 14.5k hospitalised & 55k injured due to COVID Vaccination in the USA according to CDC og

Covid-19 Vaccination takes approximately 5 Months to kill recipients according to UK Government Data.


by Ned May/Baron Bodissey

Three years ago I would have thought these ideas were totally insane

More than a year ago I wrote about something that had become increasingly obvious: both the Wuhan Coronavirus and the “vaccine” that ostensibly protected recipients from the disease were deliberately designed to cull the population of elderly citizens in the West and thereby delay the collapse of national welfare systems. I referred to this ghastly plan as “geronticide”.

Since then a year’s worth of additional data have rolled in, forcing me to extend my analysis. It seems that my focus was too narrow: the forces behind the culling (presumably the loose globalist oligarchy that we commonly refer to as the New World Order) will be satisfied with nothing less than a drastic reduction of the population across all age groups.

The vax is thus just one part of this multi-pronged effort to effectuate mass population reduction. Other prongs appear to be war (naturally), drastic energy and food shortages, widespread power blackouts, shortages of crucial life-saving medicines, and probably another “pandemic” of some sort.

Also, a radioactivity emergency originating in Ukraine remains a distinct possibility. A lot of vax deaths in Europe could then be disguised as deaths from radiation sickness. In fact, all of the various thanatogenic strategies can be used as cover for deaths caused by the mRNA shots. Multiple boosters will have weakened the immune systems of millions of Europeans, so that when the bitter cold and hunger set in this winter, many of them will succumb much sooner than they would have otherwise. And who’s to say the vax is a contributing cause? Disease and malnutrition are explanation enough.

For the later stages of the plan to work smoothly, the power grid will have to remain up at least part of the time, because citizens of the new order will need to recharge their handheld devices every day or so. That way they will be able update their social credit scores and find out whether they’ve accumulated enough CBDC to buy a few kilos of mealworms and some patches for their bicycle tires.

Boosters at least twice a year. Continuing wars. More diseases (whose symptoms will conveniently resemble those caused by vax damage). Mysterious new fatal syndromes, such as SADS, which will be blamed on the unvaxed or Donald Trump or whoever the new Emmanuel Goldstein is.

The population will gradually decline, but actuarial statistics will no longer be published. Meanwhile, the proles will be gaslighted with the looming disaster of “overpopulation”.

Furthermore, periodic mRNA injections will reduce fertility, so that those who survive the tender ministrations of the NWO will reproduce themselves at a far lower rate.

All the while the populace will be under constant surveillance through their handheld devices and “smart” everything — cars, appliances, street furniture, even clothes. Cash will have been abolished, and every facet of human activity will be monitored by AI on all electronic pathways. Under those conditions the survivors will be instructed to own nothing, and be happy. A boot stamping on a human face — forever.

That, I think, is the plan.

Whether or not it will succeed is anybody’s guess, but that seems to be the lofty ambition of our betters in the NWO.

Three years ago I would have thought such ideas were totally insane. But at this point something resembling what I outlined above seems to be the only explanation that fits all the data points, and Occam’s razor kicks in.

Why else would the powers that be deliberately destroy the world economy? The only reason I can think of is that they’re looking to reach the Georgia Guidestones target population in just a few short years.

(By the way — did you notice that the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones has disappeared down the memory hole? A couple of days after it happened the site was completely demolished, thereby destroying all forensic evidence — much like after the Cedar-Riverside Explosion — and the story simply disappeared from the media.

It made me surmise that the Powers That Be came to the conclusion that the Guidestones had drawn so much attention to what was about to take place that they had become a liability, and needed to be eliminated.

But then, that’s just me being paranoid.)

I really want to be wrong about this. I desperately hope that this scenario is just a figment of my insane imagination. I would love to see all the crises resolve themselves, leaving the Western world to resume its quest for universal social justice and non-binary equity.

Please, Lord, let me be wrong!

A small sample of recent data points:

Alex Berenson: “More frightening news about fertility and the mRNA shots, this time from Singapore”

Steve Kirsch: “Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up”

Israel didn’t start to gather safety data until a year into the vaccine program. They gathered 6 months worth of data and found that the vaccines weren’t safe so they lied to the world about it.

Mark Steyn, GB News: Excess deaths in the UK

Oil Price: “‘Lehman Event’ Looms For Europe As Energy Companies Face $1.5T In Margin Calls”

New Scientist: “There are thousands more UK deaths than usual and we don’t know why”

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1 year ago

Her trækkes trådene/stregerne mellem ” the dots”. Hvor længe vil der går, før msm eller officielle kilder taler om fx overdødeligheden?. Hvornår står nogen frem og taler om al ambulance-kørslen? Det må begynde at pible frem nu. Og husk 4. Shot er farligere end 3. Så undlad at tage flere af Fauchis eller Mettes “vacciner”. Bare lad vær’

Knud Madsen
Knud Madsen
1 year ago

En sober og klar gennemgang af de uhyggelige forhold unge mennesker udsættes for af de skruppelløse “myndigheder”. Hvorfor er der ingen journalister, der borer i disse uhyggelige forhold?

1 year ago

De arbejdsduelige kommer til at vente nogle år endnu med at dø, for der skal jo helst være nogle til at betale min folkepension til sin tid.


[…] overdødelighed, der i modsætning til hvad KrD skriver, er ligeligt fordelt over alle aldersklasser. Dette er altså misinformation, for at udtrykke det […]

Cat Girl
Cat Girl
1 year ago

Georgia Guidestones: After 911 all the steel beams left were quickly removed and shipped to China, leaving no trace behind (actually the entire fleet of dump trucks of the mob of NYC were on the roads towards ground zero already in the afternoon) and don’t tell me Alex Jones didn’t know the guidestones were going down when he filmed himself on location recently

Last edited 1 year ago by Cat Girl
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