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CENSORED: YouTube Uses Anti-ISIS Policy to Pull CounterJihad Video. Der er intet nyt eller “kontroversielt” i denne kortfilm. Det Muslimske Broderskab i USA og Europa er beskrevet i talrige dokumentarfim, og Broderskabets erobringsstrategi har de selv beskrevet i The Project, 1982. Nu vil You Tube skjule dem for offentligheden. Det kan de heldigvis ikke så længe store dele af nettet endnu er frit.

Schweiz: 68.433,67 DKK i bøde for at bære burka
Konsekvens i det demokratiske Schweiz

It is now illegal to wear a face veil in public in the Tessin region following the result of a referendum on the issue in 2013, in which 65 per cent voted in favour of a complete ban.The anti-burka-law, which bans face veils, burkas and the niqab, came into force on July 1 and will be enforced by police in the area.

Michele Bertini, FDP city council and police director in Lugano, sent out leaflets on the issue in Arabic and an ‘intercultural mediator’ was brought in to train police to deal with the potential fallout. Anyone caught wearing a veil can be fined up to €9,200 (68.433 DKK).Burka ban comes into force in Switzerland as Muslims ordered to obey or pay huge £8k fine,  – Swiss do the unthinkable with Muslim population

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