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“Winning a trade war is easy. The EU needs America much more than America needs the EU”

EU og USA’s økonomier er omtrent lige store, men EU’s er langt mere eksportafhængige. Man skulle tro, Juncker og Merkel kunne forstå, at de har langt alvorligere, selvskabte problemer, end at afsky Donald Trump. Et håndpluk af dagens: Taliban Bomb Maker Found Guilty of Plotting Westminster Terror AttackTurks and Kurds Violently Clash in France Following Erdogan Election Win Hundreds of Soldiers, Police, Rehearse Anti-Illegal Migrant Tactics at Austrian BorderFrench Jihadist Admits Islamic State Planned to Send Child Soldiers to Carry Out Attacks in Europe.

Endelig er der Mutti Merkels egen eksistenskamp, og EU selv, der er ved at trevle op som et garnnøgle på grund af EU toppens dumhed og inkompetence: EU migration row erupts: Bloc’s ‘disembarkation platform’ already divides members for ikke at tale om: Salvini: ‘Within a Year, We’ll See if a United Europe Exists’.

Verdens farligste lande for kvinder

Ud af ti lande, er de syv islamiske, men Congo og Indien har betragtelige muslimske minoriteter:

Most dangerous countries in the world for women have been named in a 2018 survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.India was ranked in first place followed by war-torn Afghanistan and Syria.

Most surprising is that the US was revealed as the tenth most dangerous country for women on the planet.

Around 550 experts on women’s issues were surveyed for the the poll, which was previously carried out in 2011 when the most dangerous countries for women were identified as Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia.

The experts were asked which five of the 193 United Nations member states were most dangerous for women and the worst for healthcare, economic resources, traditional practices, sexual and non-sexual abuse, and human trafficking. Most dangerous countries in the world for women – you’ll never guess what’s in 10th place.


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