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Maier observed it all without judgment. This was her hobby, not her job. But over the decades, it also was her life. She shot tens of thousands of photos. Most were never printed. Many weren’t even developed. And few were seen by anyone but her. Vivian Maier wanted it that way. She guarded her privacy so zealously that she didn’t even want people to know her full name. Treasure trove of amazing pictures that were kept hidden from the world. ( VIVIAN MAIER – HER DISCOVERED WORK, Vivian Maier (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009), Vivian Maier Prints Inc.)

Prince Charles advarer mod monokulturalisme

Prince Charles has warned that the British countryside risks being ruined by monoculturalism.

If society continues to spurn village pubs and traditional crafts, it will end up ‘pulling threads’ from the ‘delicate tapestry’ of rural life, he said.

The heir to the throne today used a verbose speech to tourism bosses to drill home his views on the importance of harmony and eco-living – and the paralysing peril of monoculturalism. […] Save our village pubs: Charles warns that monoculturalism is killing rural communities

Canada: Moskébyggeri skal lokke muslimer til by

I det mindste må man sige at selvafviklingen byder på stunder af absurd teater (LFPC).

At a time where the rights tribunal forbids the recitation of prayers before the beginning of sessions in the city of Saguenay, (Quebec) Mayor Gendron of the small municipality of Huntingdon offers land and buildings for the construction of a mosque and madrassa. […]

Huntingdon wants its mosque. According to what Rue Frontenac has learned, the mayor Stephan Gendron has been searching for many months for a promoter or an Islamic group that will agree to build “a place of cult” in the small city of upper St. Laurent, which has no Muslim citizens. […] Quebec: The mayor of a village without any Muslims wants to build a mosque engelsk oversættelse på Gates of Vienna fra Poste de veille

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Morten - - -
11 years ago

“Mayor Gendron of the small municipality of Huntingdon offers land and buildings for the construction of a mosque and madrassa”.

De ejegode mennesker i Huntingdon vil “vise verden”, at det sagtens kan lykkes at sameksistere med muslimer, selvom de går anderledes klædt og har andre vaner, end vi andre. De ved godt, at “muslimer er mennesker, præcis som alle andre mennesker”. Hverken værre eller bedre.

Vi kan ikke fortælle dem, hvad der nu uafvendeligt vil ske i deres by. De vil nemlig slet ikke lytte til nogen med vort “menneskesyn”.

– – –

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