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Vi har modtaget følgende fra Holland skrevet til Snaphanen. Man kan få kapitlet The Axe Versus the Pen fra Wilders’ nye bog gratis. Tast mail ind, så kommer det pronto. Det handler blandt andet om Kurt Westergaard og Muhammed Geeles attentatforsøg på ham (se også nedenfor.)

By Gielah

Just this very week I struck upon this quotation:

‘Remember: the two persons, who were móst important for western civilization…. Jesus Christ and Socrates… bóth were victimized by democracy..’.

And then I thought: but the same goes – in fact – for Mr. Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders (1963) is a Dutch member of parliament and leader of the PVV ( Freedom Party) who is fighting against the ongoing islamization of western society and against the EU-superstate, which wants, promotes and facilitates this islamization. As long as the Netherlands are a part of the EU, islamization ( and that’s a certainty) will continue to flower…. you cannot have one without the other.

Every door we might want to close against becoming a kaliphate in the far or near future, is immediately kicked open again by the not-by-citizens-chosen EU-bosses and by EU-directives, which none of us, Dutch people, have ever formally agreed upon.

O yes… we have hád a referendum, in which we, the people of the Netherlands, were asked if we wanted to agree on participation in the European Constitution and on which more than 60% of the Dutch people voted ‘no’. But what happened? They changed the name ‘constitution’ in ‘ treaty’, made a few minor alterations in the text and concluded with relief, that under these circumstances the Dutch ‘no’ to the EU- constitution did not matter anymore and could be ignored.

The only politician in Dutch parliament , who firmly offered resistance to this course of things, was mr. Geert Wilders. This stance has costed him a lot! It took him his freedom, his safety and his reputation. Wherever he goes, he always has to be accompanied by security people, for his life is threatened all the time.The Dutch authorities and most of his fellow-politicians are treating him as if he is evil incarnate ( while he is, in fact , only trying to protect our country from the expansion-seeking followers of Mohammed).

When he brought out his film ‘Fitna’, Dutch politicians and diplomats nearly exploded with fury and they hastened to excitedly inform all kinds of islamic countries, that now some really terrible film was coming out… for which they, the Dutch authorities, were definitively nót responsible and which they did nót agree on…. while this documentary only consisted undeniable facts ( about islamic terroristic actions in past and present) which all the world allready knew about and it showed what exactly was the source, from which these actions originated: the Q’uran… without any doubt!

How could Arabic people be offended and insulted by a mere mentioning of actions, of which the majority of them – and quite openly so- were very proud… and which clearly were inspirated by the book, they considered to be holy and worth following?
Mr. Wilders was even brought to court! He was accused of discrimination, racisme even… as though islam is a race.

As well as every leftist person in the Netherlands (read: the majority) began to bitterly demonize him and literally every newspaper, as well as radio and television were instigating and leading the blackening-process, as if they were the united ’good’ hounds and he was the evil fox.

Being a good person meant, to them, never to admit to have problems with – or because of – people with another culture! A good Dutchman, thus seemed to be the unwritten law, had to unconditionally love each and every muslim, whatever this muslim said or did … and every concern or criticism, however mild..however true.. characterized a person as being a xenophobe, a racist and a nazi. Mr. Wilders was áll of that!

There were serious discussions all over the country, in which people stated that ‘freedom could… ofcourse… not be unlimited’. ‘Why should we, taxpayers, pay for Wilders’ protection?’, people wrote hostilely in open letters.

But só many people voted for him ( 1,5 million people) that they just had to accept this mr. Wilders as a so-called partner of tolerance in the new liberal- christiandemocratic government-coalition, which was formed up in 2010. And now, mere weeks ago, on April 26th, Geert Wilders did step out of this coalition!

Thus rigorous were the measures of economy the liberals and the christiandemocrats proposed, docilely obeying the EU-dictates, and so cruelly especially the elder people would be harmed by them, that mr. Wilders just could not put his signature under them…. he deemed them too unjust… he did not want to be responsible for them!

Once again all hell broke loose in his direction. He had betrayed 16 million people, he had been disloyal, he would never again be accepted to work together with ány Dutch political party, he was over and out!

The majority of the Netherlands just rejects him and everything he stands for. Well… isn’t that democracy for you? It would be… were it not, that the people have been incessantly and severely indoctrinated against him by newspapers, satiric performances, in schools and in churches.

How democratic is the opinion and the rejection of a brainwashed and indoctrinated society? People in this country have willfully been teached to see good as bad and to see wrong as right… till…. now, a majority of the people is very much against mr. Wilders or, if they dó share his ideas, is afraid to express this opinion, for this may mean that they lose their job or get trouble with friends or family.

Geert Wilders is a good man with a strong, unyielding character. He is, with all his shortcomings, nevertheless some sort of hero. And yet he is, just like the Lord Jesus Christ and Socrates (although not to be compared with them) a victim of democracy too.

He is a victim of a brainwashed democracy!


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9 years ago

Problem i Holland, Mellanöstern, Afrika osv. Men i Sverige råder en ständig, lycklig autogenocid: KULTURNYTT I SVERIGE 2/5 2012 Visserligen dog hon för 40 år sen, 26 år mogen, genom självmord (= postmodernistiskt examensarbete?), men det hindrar inte, att hon fortfarande dammas av med jämna mellanrum och hålls upp som en erfaren och genomskådande ikon i svenska kulturkretsar. Om hon hade levt idag, skulle hon antagligen vara att finna på en dubbelpost som generaldirektör för Konstfack och Superintendent för Moderna museet, på väg att rekryteras som kulturminister för Sjupartiet. Idag, 2/5 2012, är det dags för Kulturradion i P1 att… Read more »

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