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…bortset fra for dem, der lever af at sælge dem. Hvad siger man til de såkaldte myndigheder, når man kommer og skal have nyt pas for 20. gang? Ingenting, såmænd, og et svensk pas er et adgangskort til hele EU, hvad siger andre lande til denne trafik? Mon ikke matriarkatet også tilbyder pastaberen en krisepsykolog?

De senaste åren har antalet svenska pass som anmälts som stulna eller borttappade ökat kraftigt. Från drygt 45 700 2008 till årets prognos på över 60 000. Polisen har flera exempel på personer som på kort tid tagit ut många pass – upp till 20 stycken. Något man kan göra utan att frågor ställs. Någon rätt att kalla en sådan person till förhör har inte polisen:

Nu har polisledningen tillsatt en grupp som ska utreda hur vanligt det är att svenska pass hamnar hos människosmugglare och ta fram ett förslag för hur missbruket ska kunna stoppas. – Kanske ska man kallas till förhör efter tre tappade pass, säger Sören Clerton. Vi vet att andra länder laborerar med det och det är kanske den väg som också Sverige ska välja. 60 000 svenska pass tappas bort i år.

Shooting the Messenger

by Fjordman

On June 26, 2013, the newspaper VG in Norway published a full-length essay by Kjetil Jakobsen, a historian of ideas, who directly compared me to the senior Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler and the exceptionally brutal SS. He declared with certainty that I represent a “modernized Nazism,” nothing more and nothing less than that.

As it happens, on that very same day, the United Kingdom barred entry for two activists engaged in combating the real, Islamic Nazi movement of our age. The high-profile American authors and bloggers Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were told by British authorities that they could not gain entry to the UK because their anti-Islamic views are “not conducive to the public good.” These two entirely peaceful anti-sharia advocates had planned to join Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll of the EDL in laying flowers at the site of the soldier Lee Rigby’s public murder and beheading by a Jihadist thug in Woolwich, London, in honor of Armed Forces Day.

What these two seemingly unrelated events have in common is the phenomenon known as “shooting the messenger”; that is, blaming those who bring bad news for creating it in the first place. If you warn against rising tensions and violent threats due to Muslim immigration, fingers are quickly pointed at you for causing these sad developments, especially by those who have done the most to promote policies leading to this result.

On June 25, 2013, Norway’s Minister of Culture Hadia Tajik, whose family is of Pakistani Muslim descent, published an essay in the daily VG. In it, she claimed that she’s in favor of free speech and supports the grant given to me by Fritt Ord, the Freedom of Expression Foundation in Norway, for my upcoming book about the Breivik case, Witness to Madness. That’s nice, of course, although it’s unclear why senior government representatives should have an opinion about how a private organization such as Fritt Ord choose to spend their own money.

Hadia TajikCoincidentally, in January 2013 the same Minister of Culture Hadia Tajik from the Labour Party strongly denounced political rivals such as the deputy leader Per Sandberg and others from the Progress Party. They had dared to question the direct support given by all of the country’s taxpayers to the Norwegian Centre against Racism, despite their lack of political balance. The left-wing Minister of Culture considered it “a serious attack on freedom of speech” if organizations with pronounced left-wing sympathies cannot receive public funding.

Apparently, you can only have real “freedom of speech” and be truly “independent” if you are funded directly by the taxpayers for your activities, although for some reason, this rule does not seem to apply to organizations that are critical of mass immigration. They are frequently classified and mapped as “haters” or “extremists” by state-funded organizations. Minister Tajik disingenuously emphasized that the Centre against Racism supposedly represent “innovation,” although they have merely parroted the same message again and again for decades, regardless of how many problems mass immigration has actually caused in real life.

In her VG essay from June 2013, Tajik stated that what she feared the most was not my allegedly horrible viewpoints but her own inability to counter my arguments, which is a remarkable admission. The Minister of Culture spent the rest of the essay harping on what a dangerous and loathsome “extremist” I am.

She used the expression “det gode selskap” about those who agree with her views. This might be translated to English as “police society,” but it’s stronger than that, and in this case tends to mean simply “those who are good.” I looked for traces of irony in the text but couldn’t find any. Neither did others who read it. Apparently, the Minister of Culture in all seriousness defined those who agree with her views on Multiculturalism, Islam and mass immigration as the “good” people. Does that make those who disagree with her evil?

Minister of Culture Hadia Tajik from the Labour Party emphasized that it’s necessary for the democratic system to defend itself against “attacks” from evil people like me. The newspaper VG published an editorial saying essentially the same thing a few days earlier. That Tajik may disagree with some of my views and voice her opinion on this is just fine with me, but it should be taken into account that she stated this as a sitting Minister representing the largest political party in Parliament, not as a private citizen. Should senior government representatives go after individual citizens with no criminal record to publicly define them as beyond the pale?

In my case, it wasn’t the first time that this had happened, either. For instance, the State Secretary Torgeir Larsen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing Labour in the political leadership and arguably number two in the Ministry after the Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide, in November 2012 wrote an essay for the national daily Dagbladet. He there warned that Europe today is allegedly filled with hatred….læs videre. – Se også i dag: William Nygaard. Gir vi Krekar, Fjordman og Snowden den debattkvaliteten de prinsipielt fortjener?

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PisseNisse i Hökarängen
PisseNisse i Hökarängen
8 years ago

“Kanske ska man kallas till förhör efter tre tappade pass, säger Sören Clerton. Vi vet att andra länder laborerar med det och det är kanske den väg som också Sverige ska välja.” Laborerar??? Kalla till förhör vid TRE tappade pass. Det är snarast norm med myndighetsintresse vid “borttappat” pass nummer två, ibland det första. Det är Sverige som LABORERAR. Med pass, med befolkning, med sin existens. Det svenska passet är fortfarande ett av världens bästa resedokument. Toppklass. Med det beror bara på att Sverige har stålar, tar hem problempersoner utan knot och inte producerar flyktingar. Viseringsfrihet kan upphöra snabbt till… Read more »

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