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Babies of the Rotherham child abuse girls, More than 100 teenage girls in Rotherham gave birth to their rapists’ children.

Several of Rotherham’s 1,400 child abuse victims had babies after being made pregnant by the men who raped them. But some of the girls who wanted to keep their children had them taken away under care orders – and were never allowed to see them again.

One of those who had a baby was Laura Wilson, aged 17, murdered in 2010 for ‘bringing shame’ on the families of two Pakistani men who’d had sex with her. She was stabbed and thrown into a canal by Ashtiaq Ashgar, then also 17, when her little girl was just weeks old – after she told Ashgar’s family, and the family of her baby’s father, Ishaq Hussein, 22, about her relationships with them.Social workers had known for years Laura was at risk from predatory Asian gangs. It is suspected she was targeted by men from the age of 11.

Several Rotherham schoolgirls who were victims of sexual exploitation had babies as a result of being raped – children they were then never allowed to see again after having them taken away by social services.The Jay report said that, in several cases, abuse victims suffered the ‘further trauma’ of having their babies removed and contact with their children stopped.

Rotherham: Britain’s first white honour killing: Teen murdered by Muslim lover,  Rotherham – The rule rather than the exception. Drugged and targeted for sex. They were the lucky ones.

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7 years ago

http://www.dawn.com/news/1128557/demons-of-a-british-ghetto Fra kommentarerne under artikelen: “Khalid Mian a day ago Please understand that 95 percent of so called Pakistanis in UK are from a belt of about 30 miles around Mirpur, with innovation they have moved their entire villages to UK., alongwith their moulvis Family groups of 100 to 200 families are common, education is not of importance for most, very few are professionals in any field When they leave their Kebab shops they go back to their vilage in UK When they go on holiday they only go to their village near Mirpur For them it will not be… Read more »

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