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Tarek Fatah kommenterer fra Norge den omdiskuterede march i Oslo for en uge siden: “White people are so easily fooled”. Statsminister Erna Solberg marcherede ganske ‘cueless’ foran alle islamisterne. Sådan vandrer vestlige politikere os dybere ind i en fælde, indtil den dag vi vælger noget, der ved lidt om det de gør. Sverige er om jeg så må sige ‘fucked’ allerede, de har overhovedet ikke opdaget det, Ullenhag frygter at ISIS leder til øget svensk “islamofobi,” – det fører til en ganske reel angst, vil han opdage. Ullenhag er en nullitet og en sovepille, der fører svenskerne dybere ind i ulykke der aldrig må blive Danmarks. Frankrig og England følger nær efter, men måske man skal takke ISIS for at give englænderne noget der ligner et nervesammenbrud. Endelig? Se også Vi er ikke så unike af HANS RUSTAD.

Psychology of sexual abuse is ingrained in Islam

Af Nicolai Sennels, psykolog

The recent rape scandal in Rotherham, England, where authorities ignored the fact that packs of Pakistanis were abducting, raping, and torturing children by the hundreds, forcing them to abort their unborn babies and threatening to kill them in the most horrific ways if they told about the abuse, is far from unique. The phenomenon of “Asian” gangs — which actually are Muslim gangs — seducing children and youngsters with gifts, drugs and promises of love, or simply using sheer violence, to get get their sexual and paedophilic lusts satisfied, is haunting many British and European cities.

There are several reasons for this. The first is Islam. It is a fact that its founder and prime role model liked to rape small children. Mohammed, the prime example for Muslims, married Aisha when she was six and had intercourse with her when she was nine. Besides, according to the Quran (4:24), Muslims are allowed to have sex with females slaves — which is exactly what their young victims are. Uncovered women are in many Muslim cultures seen as a kind of prostitute, and if a man is aroused by such a female, then — partly due to the corrupted logic of responsibility within Muslim psychology — the female is blamed for being raped (and will therefore often face execution).

Another reason for the high number of rapists among Muslims is that Islamic law and Muslim culture have a tendency to pervert sexuality. Just like celibacy among Catholic monks often spawns harmful sexual behaviour, the sexual repression within Islam is a great hindrance for sexual needs to express themselves naturally. The sexual drive is instead directed towards more accessible sources of relief, such as children and animals. In fact, Pakistanis come in as the world’s #1 when it comes to searching for perverted sexual material — donkey sex, child sex, etc. — on the internet. One survey showed that 95 percent of Pakistani truck drivers have sex with children — and it surely is not just the truck drivers who have such urges.

Yet another contributor to Muslim rape-psychology is the widespread use of forced and arranged marriages. A marriage in which the woman — and possibly also the man — has not herself chosen her sexual partner is a sentence to lifelong rape. Every act of intercourse in a marriage in which the woman has not chosen the partner herself and is under pressure to fulfil her husband’s needs — and also to produce children — is a kind of rape. The Islamic culture of marriage thus promotes rape and disregard of love, and institutionalizes the men’s right to not care about their sexual partners’ needs: she (or he or it) is just a means to an end. When studying sexual behaviour in Muslim countries, one realizes that Borat (the comedy figure by Sacha Baron Cohen) is not fictional at all.

The fact that 70 percent of Pakistanis, around half of Arabs and at least a fourth of all Turks are married to blood-related partners also shows how little Islamic culture cares about health and love. It is mainly about sex, reproduction and family honor.

Considering such facts, one comes to an understanding of how the fact that institutionalized sexual abuse is ingrained in Muslim culture makes it difficult for Muslim men to understand what is right and wrong as seen from the perspective of our civilized and compassionate Western culture.

Også publiceret på Jihad Watch under titlen Psychologist on Muslim rape gangs: Psychology of sexual abuse is ingrained in their religion and culture

Se også: Why millions of Pakistani children are falling prey to vicious paedophiles, 1.9.2014

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7 years ago

Nicolai Sennels sa:…”Just like celibacy among Catholic monks often spawns harmful sexual behavior, the sexual repression within Islam is a great hindrance for sexual needs to express themselves naturally”… Det skulle vara ganska så intressant att få en förklaring, eller en deklaration, av Nicolai Sennels, just kring hans egen uppfattning om och kring vad som, för just honom själv, då menas vara att uttrycka sig på ett – naturligt vis – , rent sexuellt, när det kommer till just sexualiteten hos människan. Restriktioner för det sexuella livet, eller samlivet, hos varelsen människa, har alltid funnits i alla tider och i… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Bergfast

Ps. Dessutom finns också naturligtvis fenomenet att – de andra folkets flickor eller kvinnor – , alltså grannstammens flickor eller kvinnor, fiendenationens flickor eller kvinnor, alltid i alla tider har kunnat betraktas som – lovliga byten – , vid olika krig av olika slag. Det har alltid funnits tendenser att vilja – förringa och se ned på – , – de andras kvinnor – , på olika sätt, som en ren och skär – krigsstrategi – , som är tusentals år gammal, alltså ett urgammalt fenomen, som finns omskrivet i gamla texter både lite här och var. Både den romska… Read more »

7 years ago

“Kind of a rape” is a bit problematic for me. “Form of rape” is much more precise. The original wording can and does mislead native English speakers for several reasons, one of them is that the word “Kind” means the opposite when it stands alone.

It is normal for Scandinavians to use “Kind” instead of “Form” so we don’t really take too much notice here. Rest assured others do.

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