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Tommy Robinson Walks Free From Court, Judge Slams Police Persecution, Tommy Robinson walks FREE, says state wants to kill him

Libya: 250,000 migrants heading to Italy, UN military advisor

– General Paolo Serra, the military advisor to the UN special representative for Libya Martin Kobler, said Wednesday the international community must act to prevent an estimated 250,000 people from being forced to flee from Libya by year’s end.

“Last year 154,000 migrants left Libya,” he told a joint parliamentary foreign and defence commissions hearing. “Of those, International Organization for Migration (OIM) figures show 120,000 headed to Italy. January 2016 saw migrant numbers almost double, from 3,000 to 5,200…(this means) we could reach 250,000 by year’s end if nothing is done”.Libya: 250,000 migrants heading to Italy, UN military advisor, EU sees ‘alarming’ migrant buildup in Libya, warns Italy

 Switzerland Ready to Post Tanks at Border with Italy

Switzerland has announced it is considering stationing a tank battalion at its southern border with Italy, after news that Austria is ready to completely shut down the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria.

In a matter of just hours, Europe’s migrant crisis has escalated following the unexpected announcement Wednesday night by Austria’s Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil that his country is prepared to close its border if Italy does not get its migrant problem under control. Preparing for ‘Migrant Onslaught,’ Switzerland Ready to Post Tanks at Border with Italy, Armee soll grüne Grenze sichern

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Britta Due Andersen
Britta Due Andersen
6 years ago

længe leve Tommy!!

Peter Zichau
Peter Zichau
6 years ago

Italienerne må bare snart se at få groet nogen nosser. Der kommer ingen migranter ind, hvis de ikke selv var så dumme at hente dem ude i vandet.
Peg dog geværløbet den anden vej og be’ dem om at fise hjem igen..!
Grækenland og Italien udgør en sikkerhedsrisiko. Spanien har lukket af.

6 years ago
Reply to  Peter Zichau

Exakt. Så fort en smuggelbåt lämnat hamn i Libyen är européer där och “räddar” dem istället för att vända båtarna tillbaka mot Libyen.

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