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Viktor Orbán: Demography Is Against Us

Europe Must Act NOW Against Migration

In Budapest last Friday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán hosted the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Summit on Migration. The conference was in English, but after the speakers finished their presentations, Mr. Orbán gave his summary in Hungarian, for the sake of the representatives of Hungarian media.

If Hungary had a population of fifty or sixty million, rather than ten million, Mr. Orbán would be a renowned figure of international standing. His face would appear every night on the TV news, and his name would be in the headlines every day in the papers.

His genial, avuncular style makes his videos a pleasure to watch. I’ve never seen any other intellectual of his stature rise so high in politics. God bless him, and may Fidesz win another two-thirds majority next election. Sarkozy among speakers at Budapest migration conferenceVideo transcript

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Anders Bo
Anders Bo
2 years ago

Hvordan klimaet udvikler sig, efterlader mig kold! (fnis)

Fordi som det ser ud nu, vil eventuelle klimakatastrofer udelukkende rammer kalifatet. Venstreekstremisterne vil jo til den tid, have fået nedlagt rets- og velfærdssamfundet Danmark.

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