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“Billions of lives could be in danger due to covid vaccines”

At a press conference for bereaved families held on 25 November, Dr. Masanori Fukushima, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University, warned about Covid injection harms:

“Given the wide range of adverse events, billions of lives could ultimately be in danger … You spend trillions of yen importing and inciting the population [to have it] … In professional magazines, the misunderstanding has come to light and now it is understood how dangerous it is.”Billions of lives could be in danger due to covid vaccines, Japanese professor says

Masanori Fukushima, MD, Ph.D og professor emeritus ved Nagoya og Kyoto Universiteter er ophidset. Og så formaner han den tilstedeværende presse til at gå hjem og skrive sandheden. Tak, det ville vi gerne have set i “den frie vestlige presse for længe siden.” Det går stærkt med undertekstningen, så være parat til at pausere.

“It Would Have Been So Much Worse If I Hadn’t Been Vaxed”

by Baron Bodissey

Two years ago, when the first tranches of COVID-19 “vaccines” were rolled out to the general public, the mRNA injections were still experimental. Prior to their release, the clinical trials of the jab were brief, limited, and methodologically compromised by the eventual “vaccination” of members of the control group, ostensibly on humanitarian grounds. That little trick guaranteed that there could be no longitudinal studies going forward comparing vaxed participants with the control group.

Obviously, there were no data at that time on the long-term side effects of the vax, since the mRNA treatments had been developed too recently to have acquired any track record longer than a few months. As a result, the “vaccination” of billions of test subjects all across the world became a gigantic clinical experiment to test the long-term effects of the treatment. The entire Corona project — first the release of a genetically modified coronavirus, followed by the administration of billions of doses of the mRNA injections — was arguably the largest medical/biological experiment in history.

In early 2021, when vax skeptics predicted dire consequences from the mRNA experiments, they had no clinical data to back up their projections. But all that has changed now — there is as much as two years’ worth of evidence to look at, although the UN and governmental entities have done their best to bury any statistics that might cause cracks to appear in the “Safe and Effective” edifice built to reassure everyone who rolled up his sleeve to get jabbed.

Germany looks to be the best source of statistics on the deleterious effects of the mRNA injections. The biomedical establishment in Germany is sophisticated and well-funded, and is staffed by clinicians who are less corrupt than those in most Western countries.

Furthermore, German culture is rule-based. Following the rules is important to the collective German psyche. This characteristic has its downside, which hardly needs to be pointed out to anyone familiar with the last hundred years of European history. But it also has its advantages, which are now coming to the fore as German scientists and medical experts follow the rules to document the effects of the COVID-19 “vaccines”.

The AfD’s excess mortality video report (the concluding part of the press conference is here) is notable for revealing the corrupt behavior of two major German public health institutions, the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the Robert Koch Institute. Both are required by law to collect statistics on the adverse effects of vaccines and make them publicly available, and both have failed to follow their function, despite the availability of the relevant data.

They didn’t follow the rules.

The AfD researchers who provided the data for the video are restrained in their presentation, but their outrage is nonetheless palpable. Nothing offends German sensibilities more than the failure to carry out a public duty with which one has been charged. Thanks to such sentiments — held in common by uncorrupted German public officials — we can expect more investigations of the deadly effects of the vax, even though the revealed data may contradict the established Narrative about the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA treatments.

Back in early 2021 I thought that when such data eventually became available, it would force pro-vaxers to re-examine their position. However, in the interim my opinion has shifted: I don’t think any factual data, no matter how clear and well-sourced, will change the minds of anyone who enthusiastically supports the COVID-19 “vaccine”.

My conclusions are based on personal experience. Last year I posted about an old friend of mine who was very afraid of the Wuhan Coronavirus. At the beginning of the pandemic he retreated into isolation and followed the directives of the CDC in minute detail. And, needless to say, when the experimental mRNA injections were introduced, he embraced them eagerly.

I hadn’t seen him in many years, so in the late summer of 2021, when my travel plans were slated to take me to his general vicinity, I proposed that we meet for coffee. By then he had been vaxed and double-boosted, but I knew he was still very afraid of COVID. I suggested that we meet outdoors, wear masks, and sit more than six feet apart. To no avail — he said: “No, I can’t risk it.”

More than anything else, this exchange made me realize the depth of the Coronamadness. It makes no sense. It’s utterly irrational. It’s a form of mass insanity.

Corona Psychosis

Since then, of course, even the CDC has acknowledged that the “vaccine” doesn’t protect recipients from being infected with the virus or transmitting it to others. Logic would then dictate that it shouldn’t make any difference to him whether or not I am vaxed, and he could meet me under the same conditions that he imposes on his contacts with friends and family members who are vaxed. But it doesn’t make any difference — he still can’t risk it.

I don’t think I’ll ever see him again in person. We send each other letters and cards, and have occasional pleasant phone conversations, but I assume I’ll go the rest of my life without ever seeing him face-to-face across a table in a coffee shop.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I expect the evidence of mass injury and death due to the “vaccine” to become so widespread that it will eventually appear in the media, albeit spun in a form that minimizes the gravity of the situation. But even if the data are fully and factually available, it won’t induce the adherents of vax ideology — or the victims of Corona Psychosis, if you prefer — to change their minds.

Among the proponents of the vax, opinions are now fully entrenched and well-defended. Getting the injections is what keeps them “safe”. Those who refuse it are a danger to public health and must be shunned.

Devotion to vax has all the characteristics of a religion. Its beliefs are not susceptible to refutation through logic. Its adherents become angry and hysterical when confronted with a countervailing opinion. They are willing to shift the tenets of their dogma when necessary, in order to maintain the overall structure of the belief system. And they are willing to go to their death rather than renounce their faith.

Regardless of the availability of data showing the harm caused by the treatments, I expect vax adherents to get boosted over and over again, whenever the newest iteration of the vax is officially approved.

And, when they are lying on their deathbed, suffering from myocarditis or thrombosis or fast-spreading cancer, I expect them to say to themselves:

“Just think how much worse it would have been if I hadn’t been vaccinated!”

Gengivet med tilladelse fra min ven Gates of Vienna: It Would Have Been So Much Worse If I Hadn’t Been Vaxed

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2 months ago

Hvis man ikke skal miste forstanden af det her, kan en todelt strategi være en god ide: Man svinger mellem intet lys at have på, og koncentrerer sig helt og aldeles om det nære. Her fra tænder man det lange lys og fokuserer på at kæmpe for, at det gode skal vinde på den lange bane. Al den stund ondskaben for længst har vundet på den korte. Med det lange lys ser man også, at efter “Den sorte død” i Middelalderen. blomstrede Europa op, både kulturelt og økonomisk. Det er dér vi skal hen igen. Men først skal de mange… Read more »

Anders Bo
Anders Bo
2 months ago
Reply to  Margrethe

Måske det er liiige kækt nok, at drage sammenligning mellem Middelalderen og vores højteknologiske videns- og industrisamfund – men forestillingen holder håbet oppe.

Jeg tænkte også på pfi☠💉-status, da jeg læste om godsejeren.
Tanken strejfer mig efterhånden hver gang jeg læser om et raskt menneskes – under 75 år – pludselige død.

2 months ago
Reply to  Anders Bo

Min sammenligning gik først og fremmest på de dødsrater, vi kan risikere som konsekvens de kommende år. Med hensyn til det “højteknologiske” – til sidst var romerne ikke længere i stand til at støbe så meget som en buste i beton. Viden alle tager for givet som værende evig, kan pludselig være forsvundet i det kulturelle sammenbrud. Det er muligt vi her i Vesten er blevet rigtig gode til at sende emails til hinanden, men vi kan ikke længere bygge et skib, eller motoren til samme. Eller et togsæt, en traktor eller en kran for den sags skyld. Så jo,… Read more »

Tim Pallis
Tim Pallis
2 months ago

Jeg befinder mig i øjeblikket i Japan og kender Japan godt. Det er uhyre sjældent at se en vred videnskabsmand som her tale lige ud af posen. Det er rigtig fedt at se, når man kender japanernes forsigtighed med at sige tingene lige ud af landevejen. Men de er meget dygtige til virkelig hardcore forskning. Det har de lært af tyskerne. Der er enorm respekt omkring eksakte fag. Han prøver at råbe pressen op. Flot at se – jeg håber også verdenspressen vil lytte, nu efter WHOs Tedros har sagt det, han godt ved og frygter: “Killing babies”. Håber det… Read more »

Anders Bo
Anders Bo
2 months ago
Reply to  Tim Pallis

Tak for indblikket, Tim! 👍

Felix Krull
Felix Krull
2 months ago

Godt brøl fra Fukushima, men ironisk at han selv går med maske.

Anders Bo
Anders Bo
2 months ago
Reply to  Felix Krull

Måske han – af omstændighederne – er tvunget?

Den danske vaccine-elite er jo også allerede ved at lufte maske-anbefaling.


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